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Chengdu 35 year old pregnant woman found after renal tumor cut "Bomb 9 at noon, in the Department of Endocrinology West China Hospital of Sichuan University (micro-blog WeChat), Wang Xiaoxiao (a pseudonym) is receiving hormone replacement therapy. A week ago, Wang Xiaoxiao received surgical resection of adrenal tumors, and other patients are not the same, at the time of surgery, her unborn baby is 6 months old. Originally, the king Xiao Xiao in pregnancy examination found the right adrenal gland is a 3.5 cm long in the secretion of cortisol adenoma, has been caused, her blood pressure soared high, the children and their own is "the bomb". However, it is extremely rare in international and domestic reports as well as medical literature that it is necessary to ensure the safety of the fetus during the resection of the adrenal tumor in the pregnant women. The blood pressure were found the culprit: higher adrenal tumor Wang Xiaoxiao 35 year old, will soon usher in the first baby, my family are very happy. But the child 16 weeks pregnant, but found that some of Wang Xiaoxiao’s blood pressure is not normal, even as high as 200 Kappa high above, and the blood potassium continued to decline, heart and renal function damaged, suspected there was gestational hypertension status. At 25 weeks, the doctor initially diagnosed the risk of eclampsia, and further examination revealed that Wang Xiaoxiao had a adenoma with a diameter of 3.5 cm long on the right adrenal gland. "Confirmed diagnosis, this is a rare non ACTH dependent Cushing’s syndrome."." West China Hospital of Sichuan University (micro-blog, WeChat) and adrenal hypertension Department of urology surgery group leader Zhu Yuchun told reporters, she leads to elevated blood pressure "culprit" is the adrenal tumors that has been in secretion of the hormone cortisol, leading to high blood pressure." What’s worse, Zhu Yuchun says, cortisol secretion and infection can’t be effectively controlled by drugs. At the same time, hormones also cause large amounts of protein decomposition in patients, "patients will become thinner skin, you can see a clear facial capillaries."." Zhu Yuchun said that Wang Xiaoxiao’s face can be seen acne, purple lines, which is also the manifestation of Cushing syndrome. Doctors consultation resection of adenoma, maternal fetal safety, it is understood that although Cushing syndrome is rare, but surgical resection of adenoma is not difficult. It’s difficult. Wang Xiao Xiao is a pregnant woman for 25 weeks. Zhu Yuchun said, nearly three years, Sichuan University West China Hospital Department of Urology admissions Cushing patients a total of 68 people, and Wang Xiaoxiao is the only case of pregnant women. Anesthesia may affect the fetus, and the procedure may lead to miscarriage. Even if the adenoma is removed, the reduction of hormone secretion leads to poor postoperative blood pressure control, and mother and child may also be at risk. But without surgery, Wang Xiaoxiao’s preeclampsia will continue to deteriorate, the risk of approaching the mother and child step by step. Zhu Yuchun initiated the consultation invitation, including a large discussion in 7 departments of Obstetrics and anesthesia department of Huaxi second hospital, Sichuan University. Operation in poorly controlled high blood pressure, cardiac function is poor, which is a stumbling block. The operation scheme after consultation consensus — almost no impact on the fetus during pregnancy, use of anesthesia drugs available, closely monitoring the whole blood pressure operation is feasible. In November 1st, Wang Xiaoxiao was pushed into the operation room, the entire minimally invasive surgery takes 40 minutes. During the operation, the doctors in the intensive care unit follow the whole course to ensure the pregnancy!

成都35岁女子怀孕后查出肿瘤 肾上切“炸弹9日中午,在四川大学华西医院(微博 微信)内分泌科,王萧萧(化名)正在接受激素补充治疗。一周多前,王萧萧接受了肾上腺瘤切除手术,和其他病人不一样的是,手术时,她肚里的宝宝已有6个月大。原来,王萧萧在孕检时发现右肾上腺长有一个3.5厘米的腺瘤,一直在分泌皮质醇激素,导致她的血压飙高,这对孩子和自己来说是颗“炸弹”。但为孕妇切除肾上腺瘤的同时还要保障胎儿安全的手术,这在国际国内的报道和医学文献上都极为罕见。血压飙高确诊查出罪魁:肾上腺瘤王萧萧今年35岁,很快将迎来第一个宝宝,家人都十分高兴。但孩子16周左右时,孕检却发现,王萧萧的血压测量有些不正常,甚至出现高达200卡帕以上的高压,而血钾持续走低,心肾功能受损,疑似出现了妊娠高血压的状况。到25周时,医生初步判断有子痫的风险,进一步检查发现,王萧萧的右肾上腺长有一个直径3.5厘米的腺瘤。“确诊发现,这是比较少见的非ACTH依赖性库欣综合征。”四川大学华西医院(微博 微信)泌尿外科肾上腺及高血压外科专业组组长朱育春告诉记者,导致她血压升高的“罪魁”正是这个肾上腺瘤,“一直在分泌大量皮质醇激素,导致血压居高不下。”朱育春说,更糟糕的是,皮质醇激素的分泌和感染,药物不能有效控制。同时,激素还导致患者体内的蛋白质大量分解,“患者的皮肤会变薄,可看到清晰的面部毛细血管。”朱育春说,在王萧萧脸上可看到明显的痤疮、紫纹,这也是库欣综合征的表现。医生会诊切除腺瘤 母亲胎儿平安据了解,库欣综合征虽然罕见,但手术切除腺瘤的治疗并不困难。难就难在,王萧萧是个孕期25周的孕妇。朱育春说,近三年,四川大学华西医院泌尿外科接诊的库欣患者共68人,而王萧萧是唯一的一例孕妇患者。做手术切除,麻醉可能会影响胎儿,术中操作可能导致流产。即使摘除腺瘤,减少的激素分泌导致术后血压控制不好,母子也有可能发生危险。但不做手术,王萧萧的子痫前期则会继续恶化,危险一步步逼近母子俩。朱育春发起会诊邀请,包括四川大学华西第二医院产科、麻醉科在内的7个科室进行了一次大讨论。手术中血压控制不好、患者心脏功能不佳,这都是拦路虎。经会诊达成共识的手术方案——几乎不会对胎儿产生影响的麻醉、使用妊娠期可用药物、全程密切监控血压——手术则可行。11月1日,王萧萧被推入手术室,整台微创手术耗时40分钟。手术中,重症监护室的医生全程跟踪,确保孕妇安全,手术中各项指标均正常。2日,产科会诊,胎儿各项指标良好。目前,王萧萧已转入内分泌科接受激素补充治疗。朱育春感叹,根据统计数据,中国有3亿左右高血压患者,这意味着每4人中就有一例高血压患者,女性每8人中就有一例。“虽是偶发性疾病,但及早检查有利于治疗,不至于等到女性孕期再来经历这样的危险。”朱育春说,不少女性除公司组织的体检外,大部分第一次接受系统的血压监测是从孕期开始的,这并不科学。“年轻人因熬夜或情绪波动,会出现急性的高血压症状。”朱育春说,定时监测血压和孕前筛查肾上腺情况,会极大地减少风险。成都商报记者 于遵素编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 深读-妊娠糖尿病4:孕妈妈降糖就该这样做!相关的主题文章: