Chen Kunzhen had an open throat singing impromptu fun does not reduce the electron

Chen Kunzhen had an open throat singing impromptu fun unabated "electron wind" (the Chen Chen) Tencent entertainment news November 12th, wild series Live exhibitions and activities in the fourth quarter in Beijing, Sanlitun in the North Pacific Coliseum ended. So far, the 2016 live exhibition officially ending the series of crazy zen. That night Chen Kun surprise scene Coliseum and electronic music people do impromptu fusion, by hot friends, said it is not the "boundary" cross king, the true nature of open throat singing unabated. At the same time, the wild live as Chen Kun 2016 year-end share activities — Zen LIVE· an important part of the power of walking X live performances of the wild, ending 9 days on behalf of Zen LIVE sharing activities is nearing the end of the year-end. Chen Kun scene interpretation of the song "King Kong seven" with electronic music fusion of Zen Chen Kun founded the "wild" brand at the beginning of the threatened to create a "youth culture experience space after a year to create a refined, very fruitful. "If it is not specifically told that this is the activities initiated by Chen Kun, we will not be aware of, purely because of the diversity of the content itself and interesting activities." Mention netizen’s comments they. He said early in the second season Chen Kun had a surprise appearance "wild scene: an expression form of music is just the expression of the" wild "is intended to build a laboratory experience and thinking, hope that every person can come under the heart, pure to feel and experience now. And it’s something that I love, and it’s very meaningful. And that night Chen Kun by surprise in the electronic music field on Music Improvisation and interaction, as the grand finale. A song of Zen "King Kong seven" and the contemporary electronic music fusion, the atmosphere will be pushed to the climax, said it was a gift to everyone in the wild ending on the occasion of the. It is reported that third wild season 4 invited to the field of electronic music in jazz and popular music faction: Stuart, Zhan Xiaoli, Zhang Ling, Li Jie Garvey, Jane NovaHeart, Shao, blur, Li Jiazhi, Wang Lu, Yao Chunyang, Wang Meng invited to help out the visual scene, the 2 day show for everybody from the Visual Auditory is dedicated to a "youth cultural feast, they all seasons by Iqiyi full exclusive live. Chen Kun talked about the power of walking and they focus on the present day 12: the future uncertain activity after ending a crazy Zen Chen Kunchan LIVE, X live — the power of walking wild performance activities is about to come to an end. The joint activities initiated by Chen Kun in 2011 the heart charity project "walking power" and in 2016 founded the "wild Zen" youth culture brand from 5 days since the opening, as we were walking power exhibition, Fancy create new styles of images, music, Zen experience is rich interactive device, barter the creative market etc. have attracted a large audience to participate. Frequent burst point. Even work days, but also the flow is not reduced. The life of the 7 key words thinking in the moment, even the life of wool welcome activities most, temporary increases the interaction area, more news from other audience participation city. ""相关的主题文章: