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The champion sports people together Shenzhen Ding sea sports   to promote the healthy Chinese Construction — Shenzhen channel — November 28 Shenzhen Xinhua (Chen Yuzhu) November 28th, champion sports charity foundation and Shenzhen Ding Sea Sports Group signed a contract in Shenzhen. The two sides will jointly mobilize all sectors of the community to participate in sports public welfare undertakings, and sports events, sports development, sports training and other aspects of a comprehensive, in-depth cooperation. The event, the Beijing Champion Sports Charity Foundation donated 200 thousand yuan to the Shenzhen sports and sports rehabilitation service prepaid card. Shenzhen Ding Hai sports also donated 800 thousand yuan to the champion sports charity foundation. The summer Olympic diving champion, champion sports charity foundation, responsible for the Championship Committee Director Gao Min said that many athletes suffer torture in training the pain left after retirement, these injuries directly affect their re employment, and even the quality of life. Beijing champion sports charity foundation to champion group’s influence and appeal, calling for a person with breadth of vision, help, help them get rid of injuries, let them feel the love from my team-mates and social warmth. Shenzhen Ding sea sports President Guan Huanbin introduced, the company plans to build a sports + Technology (Internet), sports culture, sports tourism + film + sports + leisure, environmental health, physical education, sports + financial + and an international sports industry innovation center, an Olympic Champion Sports Square, a platform, a sports service a star, a pioneering cradle of sports industry group, a sports event "Sheng Hui", a leisure sports tourism circle, a sports culture corridor, a series of occupation club, a sports development fund "6+10" model, and make a positive contribution to the construction of health China. Phase I plans to invest 3 billion yuan -60 billion. The same day, Ding Hai Football Club officially inaugurated, marking Shenzhen Ding sea sports and Nanshan District youth amateur sports school to carry out formal cooperation, youth football work. (end) (commissioning editor Chen Yuzhu and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: