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CCTV actor Xun Zhou 150 million Wallace Huo price paid Saigao specifications – Sohu "such as entertainment film biography" Wallace Huo Xun Zhou Yi took the $150 million   Sohu; entertainment news August 26th, CCTV broadcast the "price paid" special news, the domestic film actor paid work reports and criticized, such as "Yi Zhuan" mentioned in two men and women add up to a total of 150 million main fee, and the circle of several popular niche paycheck hundreds of play 8000 to 120 million of the fee, resulting in serious production funds occupied, screenwriter, dubbing and other staff remuneration is very low, resulting in film and television drama story more and more ugly, no money field framing. The film also interviewed "sun" seed producer, he mentioned South Korean actor’s paycheck accounted for only twenty percent of the total budget to 30, Hollywood actor paycheck accounted for only thirty percent, while domestic actor’s paycheck reached fifty percent to 80, seriously disturbed the whole drama quality.   "bubble summer" market reaction is not good phenomenon: the TV series flagship youth beauty star in the highest paid billions of dollars already pointed out that the recent TV in the luxurious cast as the basis, TV drama "city of fantasy" "Zhi" "nine Qingyun sky" "half demon" Qingcheng "old nine door" etc. the youth beauty primarily, occupy the television network broadcast platform, broadcast, users and the media on the price paid attention and discussion has been far more than the content of the works, production standards. In the network spread nowadays popular actors, the lowest 25 million, the highest has billions of dollars. Insiders said the spread of the fee and the actual fee is even now not much difference between, some more. The film also singled out as "Yi Zhuan" male and female fee of more than 150 million yuan, the fee is high enough to make a high-profile film.     industry voice: the opposition faction believes that high paycheck is the market behavior in early 2013, the industry has opposed the actor high paycheck, that affected the production of high paycheck. Director Lu Chuan said: "the actors are very terrible now, like an actor for someone to take 889, already is a very common thing. With all the stars really can not afford, it is possible to take away 1/3 of the cost of production." Hongkong director Wu Siyuan said: "most of the film paycheck has more than half, or even sixty or seventy per cent, making fewer resources." But the industry believes that the star paycheck is subject to market regulation, Yu Rongguang said: "this is according to the market, you don’t give the money to someone, this thing made us feel uncomfortable." "I love my family," the director said: "before the TV series, 4500 episodes, and now they have gone up, you give me 4500 now I do not ah! Let the market to decide as paid actors, Jackie Chan has publicly responded that the high paycheck is both something I wish you love: "some actor his salary to get too high, and he has a box office guarantee, then I will go to ask him. Star market value is there, one would like to make a wish." &n相关的主题文章: