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CBA all star first invoice selected second round: Zhao Jiwei was selected to lead horse – Sohu sports — Marbury with 208064 of the vote topped; — the top three for Marbury, Han Dejun and Zhao Jiwei; the 2017 CBA All Star Race in the first round of voting results announced second invoice. From the official website of PC CBA terminal and wireless terminal data show that after the 705563 friends to vote, Beijing Shougang team defender Marbury by 208064 votes. From the second week of voting results, North and South all star team lineup: Southern District Center: Wang Zhelin (142602): Zhou Peng striker (150965) Lin Zhijie (138032) defender: Liu Xiaoyu (92601) Hu Xuefeng (90858) North Center: Han Dejun (184312): Zhai Xiaochuan striker (133681) Ding Yanyu Airlines (125868) guard Marbury: (208064) Zhao Jiwei (183988) in addition, the expected impact of the first players: South Center: Yi Jianlian (135288): Zhu Fangyu striker (123066) defender: Zhao Yanhao (90422) North Center: Tao Hanlin (126517): Horace Tianju striker (121420) defender: Guo Ailun (159087) the CBA all star game first invoice selected A continuation of last year "new voting alternative candidate list" – all league players have become candidates have the opportunity to become the first all star game. As of press time, a total of 326 players in the league, including the Southern District of the people of the District, North District, 165 people, including a total of 161 people. Vote list will update the entry list according to the change. The biggest bright spot in all star voting this year, there is no doubt that the new players live online link. Observant fans will find that this year all star voting in the lower part of the page, add a player live plate, allow fans to vote in and live player interaction, to narrow the distance. With the recent popular webcast, as one of the highest degree of concern Chinese and influential sports league, CBA League is trying to catch up the pace of the development of media forms, has always been committed to bring fans the most fresh spectators, participation experience. This year’s all star game will follow the previous North South Division tournament, which the two sides were the Southern Star team and North Star team. Can log on the official website of CBA and mobile H5 page to vote. Fans can scan the article at the end of the two-dimensional code, or log on Sohu news client, mobile Sohu sports channel to vote. By participating in the all star network voting, fans will have the chance to decide the South and the North Star team all 5 starters. According to the voting rules, each team of 5 players, foreign players must not exceed 2 people. From the start of October 29th, the voting will continue until December 23rd, the final 10 lineup will be announced on December 26th. China basketball year.相关的主题文章: