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Care for female pelvic floor muscles, health and happiness Tim vitality – Sohu health what is the pelvic floor muscles? Pelvic floor muscle: pelvic floor muscles, it is like spring bed, support and support of the bladder, uterus, rectum and pelvic organs, and there are a number of physiological function (control urination, maintain vaginal tightening, control defecation, enhance sexual pleasure). The experience of pregnancy and childbirth women, the pelvic floor muscles are inevitably affected by injury, and abnormal pregnancy and intrapartum fetal such as excessive, polyhydramnios, maternal weight increased too much, the production process is too long, dystocia, vaginal delivery, the more serious damage to the pelvic floor muscles. Cesarean section can reduce pelvic floor muscle damage? Some women believe that cesarean section can avoid vaginal delivery caused by pelvic floor muscle relaxation, which is also led to the recent increase in the rate of cesarean section is a major cause of. In fact, whether it is the birth or cesarean section, the process of the pregnancy in October, has made the pelvic floor muscles have different degrees of damage. Normal posture, the body’s normal physiological curvature of the axis of gravity abdominal pressure and the pelvic viscera to the sacrum; and during pregnancy, the waist abdomen prominent, protruding downward, forward up to make the gravity axis forward, the abdominal pressure and pelvic organ to the gravity of the pelvic floor muscles, plus the uterus weight increase, the pelvic floor the muscles in sustained pressure, and gradually relaxed. Concerned about the timely treatment of pelvic floor, pregnancy, production is almost every woman’s life will follow the road, treat yourself with kindness and care, timely pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment, to prevent future trouble, be wise. What women need rehabilitation? Four, indication method, Kegel (1) do tighten anovaginal action (2) at a time of not less than 3 seconds to relax tightening (3) for 15-30 minutes (4) were 2-3 times daily or daily 150-200 (5) 6-8 weeks of treatment for 1 weeks in patients with 4-6 (6) change (7) 3 months effective method two, vaginal ergometer training (vaginal dumbbell) after a week of fast twitch and slow muscle training, vaginal dumbbell should not come out. Methods three PHENIX and biofeedback therapy (neuromuscular stimulation), is aimed at the postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation exercise, it uses a different degree of electrical stimulation and biofeedback, scene reflection, after a course of treatment (ten) treatment, the postpartum pelvic floor muscle contractility, relaxation symptoms, quality of life to improve. My courtyard ten Azusa Street old school and new Pingjiang hospital were carried out pelvic floor rehabilitation guidance and biofeedback therapy, according to the delivery of 42 days after the examination by department structure, professional staff to give targeted rehabilitation guidance and treatment. Ten Azusa Street old school: Location: third obstetrics outpatient pelvic floor rehabilitation advisory telephone: Pingjiang new school location: five floor outpatient department Tel: Author: Du Mingming editor: Material Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, general office of the Party committee press note相关的主题文章: