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Captain Zheng Zhi will become the backbone of China Hengda 5 foot Wu Lei Lippi [] as the only alternative battlefield Wu Lei 2 ball Orangemen 5-0 Gao Lin Thatcher broke Lippi’s point Junling Yan on the national team debut early is not the same, they will be in the match against Qatar surprise us? Osports figure last night, Lippi’s unofficial appearance. Kunming Tuodong stadium in the rain, with a China team in Wuhan zall team played a practice match, with Zhang Lin, Yu Dabao, Gao Lin, Wu Lei has scored the second half scored two of the 5 to 0 victory over the country. But the outside world is more concerned about the team coach in Lippi followed what is not the same. [by Zhang Xizhe into reuse! In military offensive new nuclear half sent two assists] captain put back into Zheng Zhi’s arms last night, Captain Zheng Zhi. Gao Hongbo over, in the initial arrangement of training, the captain’s armband to Zhang Linpeng, before later forty finals second round bottom home court hit Maldives, he recognized Feng Xiaoting as captain of the first person. Zheng Zhi has played twelve first round battle between China and South Korea, but is still worn on the arm of Feng Xiaoting’s. Although Feng Xiaoting is one of the most trusted players during the course of the coach Hengda, but the Italian took office in the country, immediately recruited into the Zheng Zhi, the establishment of the first captain of the candidate for the people, the first time, the first captain of the United States. Lippi coached the Italy team, the principle is the appearance of players wearing the armband in most times for the national team. The 433 switch 343, Hengda 5 will become the backbone of Lippi recruited 7 rival players, on the night of the starting lineup, Zheng Zhi, Mei Fang, Feng Xiaoting, Zhang Linpeng and Gao Lin in the column. Huang Bowen and Li Xuepeng are sitting on the bench. 4 defenders, non – Hengda players only left back Jiang Zhipeng. Double center is Feng Xiaoting and Mei fang, right back is Zhang Linpeng. In the past two national coach, like to put Zhang Linpeng in the centre back position, but he has been in the hands of the coach of the right back of the right to be defined as the national team’s right back. Zheng Zhi hit back waist, attack, Zheng Zhi returned to the guard position, the two wings of Jiang Zhipeng and Zhang Linpeng pressure, formation from 433 to 343. The formation of switching mode which he coached the rival the most common period. In order to Hengda players skeleton team, this tactic system relatively easily, the game last night also confirmed this point. Gao Lin in front of the position, he is accustomed to playing in Hengda side. Goalkeeper Yan Junling finally ushered in the game? Although the lineup is not necessarily the first battle of the card in the lineup, but the only game before the war, there are still many points to the point. In the case of Zeng was injured, Lippi had to make a choice between Yan Li, Wang Dalei, Yang zhi. May have the opportunity to usher in his first contest. On the play in the league, the three goalkeeper is not much difference, but Yan Junling’s progress over the past two years is obvious, is the only upward momentum goalkeeper. Last night, Yan Junling saved a spoon penalty Wuhan zall, this number for their own plus points. Yan Junling’s only short board is the lack of competition experience. Wu Lei is just Lippi’s B program? As a result of teaching competition, the second half of the game each 60 minutes, in order to achieve the purpose of training team. The second half相关的主题文章: