Cai Wenjing attended the beloved conference site molesting Zheng Yecheng (video)

Cai Wenjing attended the "beloved" conference "picture of molesting Zheng Yecheng arena" beloved trailer! Tencent entertainment news yesterday, the upcoming September 21st broadcast of the popular web series "diffuse change reality painting arena" people held in Beijing the on-line conference, Zheng Yecheng, Cai Wenjing, Fan Shiqi starring collective such as a public appearance. Just in the drama version of "Youth" in excellent interpretation of "goddess Ruan Guan" of Cai Wenjing, the high cold Swordswomen has turned through the ancient Helen of Troy like ascetic temperament, and Zheng Yecheng formed a high popularity of "star snow CP", staged nauseating funny playing advertising, the audience burst to laugh continuously, the role of more sense of expectation. Static can move the variety of roles to help the goddess Cai Wenjing sharpen "not acting" beloved story happened in the late Tang Dynasty and Five Dynasties, around the "bad" hidden treasures "large Longquan treasures" and start many martial art or business, or wanted to kill, do anything, above the arena set off a mixed with personal grudges and the country and fight arena. There is a "campus goddess" reputation of Cai Wenjing, for his role in the drama version of "Youth" "Ruan Guan" angle and popularity surge, the star of "painting" the rivers and lakes of the people, "Ji snow" and "Ruan Guan" angle belong to high cold temperament character, story is a great contrast. As our voices Fang side maid, Ji snow a humble, but elegant and refined, unique skill tactics are proudly backbone, not lost a man, with Prince Li Xingyun staged a lot of difficulties with sm. In the view of Cai Wenjing, Ji snow is youth version of "Helen of Troy", introverted, otherworldly, her heart is as pure as a child, the sincere love of pure friendship, loyalty, and the reality of life in itself have a stick and innocence of self. As a martial arts drama, shot in the original classic martial arts scenes a lot of reduction, was "one of the three major sects voices Fang Ji snow also has a lot of play. Cai Wenjing said, the Ministry of the play in the pursuit of 2.5 dimensional animation, "rhythm and difficulty and are hard to imagine, the archer’s role set for her is never challenge. Although there are specialized to shoot before the training, the first day of beating the play is still a little to keep up with the rhythm, at that time a good sad cry." Fortunately, she later practice slowly back to the rhythm, but also got the teacher’s affirmation of wu. As the role of women can play in the play, Cai Wenjing is the greatest feeling pain and happiness, are more homely food hurt, smile yourself for this movie "huochu half life". And the "beauty brother" Zheng Yecheng play a couple of female impersonation attack scene "real landscape beauty, also XiaGu rouchang. "People" is not only the Royal orphans Li Xingyun, Li Tang the glint and flash of cold steel, Fang Ji maid voices like snow, a few instruments museum where the child, and the sister Lu Linxuan Li Xingyun childhood sweetheart, four of the emotional entanglements between are interwoven into the arena scores, child heart touching. The play, Cai Wenjing partner "smiled for" beauty "brother Hao eyebrow" about Zheng Yecheng, "star snow CP" (the original fans of Li Xingyun Ji snow lovers nickname), staged a hippie and cruel woman child beloved son.相关的主题文章: