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Bus stop brake female passengers fell fracture is normal brake team: original title: bus stop brake female passengers fell fracture by bus with 7 children to the hospital, ready to get off the bus stop but because the brake back a few steps, is a bag behind the trip. After getting off, Ms. Feng felt uncomfortable sitting on the roadside, the child quickly to call mr.. The hospital diagnosis, Ms. Feng lumbar transverse process fracture, now resting at home. > > family members of the passengers: because of the brakes did not stand down, Mr. Wu said, the evening of 8, his son was sick at the age of 7, his wife, Ms. Feng took his son to Xi’an city hospital, the injection of the fourth. Two people from the city to take a bus ride to the bus, when the car drove to the big bad city ready to pull in, his wife stood up from the seat to pull the son, suddenly felt a slam, because there is no stand back to fall down on the ground, the driver of the 8 bus. At that time because of a hurry to see a doctor to his son, his wife got up and hurried out of the car, but after getting off, I feel wrong, had to sit on the side of the road along the road. He got a phone call from his son and then took his wife to the hospital. The fourth hospital of Xi’an City, the x-ray report on the 8 single, the lumbar spine and pelvic bones no clear signs of fracture, it is recommended that short-term review or further examination". Mr. Wu said that on the morning of November 9th, because his wife is still feeling unwell, but also to the hospital of Chinese medicine in Xi’an encephalopathy CT. The report showed that the diagnosis of "1, lumbar vertebra, the right side of the transverse fracture of the 3, 2, lumbar vertebral body mild hyperplasia of bone lesions"." Currently, Ms. Feng had to recuperate at home. Mr. Wu said, according to his wife describe the situation, he thinks is when the bus stop brakes led to his wife fell on the 9 November, Xi’an city public transport company customer service complaints and reflect, 8 road team staff on the same day at home to understand the situation. The responsibility of the two sides disagree, the team believes that the bus stop is a normal braking behavior, so in November 10th, they went to the Xi’an City Public Security Bureau of the bus station, by the third party to get involved in the investigation. > > video monitoring: fall instantly in "empty help" in November 11th, 8 road team captain Wang said that in late November 8th 7, Ms. Feng took the children from the city turn chicken station, when she brush two cards that balance is insufficient, and she took a $100 coin said no change thinking, it was already dark, Ms. Feng with children is not easy, the driver let Ms. Feng and the children got on the bus. At that time, the bus stop when the brakes, Ms. Feng fell after the car, the driver did not know. Captain Wang said the bus surveillance video shows at 19:50 stop, when the speed is not fast, the passengers are not many, Ms. Feng sitting in the blue single row of seats before the bus compartment on the right, see the bus ready to stop, she got up and walked to the rear compartment, ready to pull the door opposite the orange chair son, when the vehicle stopped suddenly, Ms. Feng hand carry bag and left without support, the inertia of the back, back to the passengers on the package was placed over, fall in the process, with a yellow orange 7 back相关的主题文章: