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Break the monotony of a more modern winter suit demonstration (Note: This article belongs to publish business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only) this winter if you are no longer satisfied with the real wear and easy to take the black dark blue suit, refer to the following basic BOSS new series of suits, expanded somewhat monotonous let the other more color business wardrobe. Wallace Huo elegant demonstration area Houndstooth is used in a suit jacket, change the impression of solid, formal fashion over gift. If you feel a little thin shape, the back of a business style of cortical backpack is also a good choice. Single product recommendation suits new series of suits add new elements with traditional fine tailoring based on a complex Houndstooth pattern whether collocation classic black trousers, or bright yellow trousers have become fashionable personality. Details, delicate design, exquisite inner bag notch Lapel department, all reflect the contemporary man of exquisite life pursuit. Wear high necked sweater is one of the must-have items in autumn and winter, the soft texture of pure cashmere bring you warm, comfortable enjoyment. In addition to the Plover pattern into a trendy, pinstriped suit elements to create more slender physique, with close fitting contour design, shaping fashion gentleman new style. Single product recommendation suits the new autumn and winter color collocation follow the principle, wine red, dark gray and black pure form harmonious color combinations, release the reserved wise dress charm. Mixed fabric and trousers and a formal sense of strong edges, easy injection double breasted suit fashion. Hidden button bag button suit and trousers of these conspicuous parts, happened to embody the designer of unique ideas, make your business more perfect dress. Pure cashmere knit sweater t-shirt design adds it in a real wear, whether suit coat or casual jacket can natural collocation.相关的主题文章: