Boozer undercover Liaoning reporter shouted

Boozer undercover? Liaoning reporters shouted for Boozer Boozer in the game still can not find a little state information times reporter Feng Aijun in the last round of great victory over Jilin, foreign aid Hongyuan Boozer won the big 17 pairs of data points and 16 rebounds. Thought Boozer has recovered his former NBA, who know the face of Liaoning’s foreign aid Randolph when he was defenseless. In yesterday’s game Boozer a "fool" beyond count there are typical, so a few rebounds: hold, section second is Randolph from rebounding occupy favorable positions in the situation, really impressive; speed can not keep up, or in the second quarter, Boozer cast into, when he was still in front of a daze the Randolph has to break the tigers basket. Most embarrassing is that Boozer missed the game at least 5 times on the opportunity. The first half of the data frames in the Boozer 0 points, 7 rebounds, and he bit Randolph has scored 14 points and 12 rebounds in the two pairs of large. Boozer performance in the second half of the offensive side has warmed up, hit 3 consecutive cast, but in the second half of the second half of the time when the change of the Boozer of the in the world, but in the second half of the time, the second half of the attack in the second half of the second half of the third. After the tigers will be worse after 5 minutes left, to reverse the decline. The press gallery in Liaoning after the cheering team then screamed in shouting: "for Boozer! Change Boozer!" In their eyes, Boozer is the Liaoning team "".相关的主题文章: