Blow out the girls’ skirts! 19 the two generation of sexual harassment SuiXing exposure winavi video converter

Blow out the girls’ skirts! The two generation of sexual harassment SuiXing exposure to 19 Japanese actor Murakami Koro Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese actor Murakami Koro entered the entertainment circle for 2 years, as the son of actor Murakami Jun and singer UA, star life also have a lot of fans attention. Not expected, he exposed the sexual harassment was recently suspected in the shooting drama "look up to" you (or translation: my admiration for other female artists), Maoshoumaojiao, including actress Mikako Tabe, the news caused an uproar. According to Japan’s "weekly women" reported that Murakami Koro plays the trumpet of the students in the "Hope" in peacetime often Shien, in addition to the crew practical joke, blowing open actress instruments skirt, or put the trumpet in the skirts for girls, also had to make touch back, Baodeng bear to let together actress very uncomfortable, the news reached the woman owned firms ear, company led tv and Haruki were asked to apologize. In fact, you can "look up to" charged with sexual assault of another actor Takahata Yuta day before, after "see the woman admits the crime cannot control the desire, cause all the performing trips are temporary calling card. Today, the same drama Murakami Koro has been explosive sexual harassment, making the image of the play cast a layer of gray, but the current television station and the firm owned by Haruki denied it. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: