Bless Ray Allen! Wade he saved the heat. I’m a fan of his life-synnex

Bless Ray Allen! Wade: he saved me the heat of his life Ray Allen fans and Curitiba Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 2nd, Ray Allen announced his retirement last night. This NBA96 golden generation will be the curtain call, many players have said the blessing. In a statement, Anji said: "as one of the best point guards in basketball history, ray Allen defines the word" professional ". Ray (Allen) was born with a special talent, but his leadership, tireless preparation and infectious work standards, making him a very good teammate and champion. Without him, we won’t win the title in 2008." Ray (Allen) is an important member of the big three, he helped us get the seventeenth champions. He is one of the best shooters and one of the best players. We were lucky enough to witness his magic on the court. We wish him all the best after his retirement." Curitiba twitter wrote: "for ray Allen greatly respect, he is a great pitcher in the sport, he has an incomparable occupation career!" Wade said: I would like to thank ray – Allen, G6 (2013 finals sixth final moments) of the three points to save the heat, I was a fan of the life of Allen." In addition, Wade said: "he is a perfect man, the ball, in the heat, in addition to Allen, I believe no one can hit. Catch up, step back, hit the bottom three points, he will repeat the same action in practice every day in the morning, he needs to step back from the opened space, defense, he every day in practice." Boston defender Isaiah – when talking about the older generation, said he was watching the supersonic period of the growth of the game of Allen, I have a memory of him, he also has the hair of the." Little Thomas said. The Celtics official twitter wrote: congratulations to ray Allen the champion Championship career occupation # seventeenth flags. Heat boss Allison through personal Instagram to ray – Allen tribute. Allison on the individual Instagram drying out ray – Allen in the 2013 finals in the last sixth minutes of the game hit the ball at the end of the three minutes of the picture, and attached text: congratulations to ray – the extraordinary career of ray – Allen! "He is one of those excellent players," Popovich said, "he is one of the best pitchers in history, playing very good manners, the occupation career in the competition, with his community, is a great man." Allen is an extraordinary basketball player who has played for 18 seasons in NBA and is one of the best strikers in history, "said Mr Xiao Hua. He always use the incredible attitude to hone your skills, ray Allen dominated the history of the NBA is the most exciting moment at the same time, he also gained two championship rings. On behalf of the entire NBA, I would like to express my thanks to Allen, who is also an outstanding Ambassador to the NBA league."相关的主题文章: