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Bi Jingyue: what should the local government do under the new normal? [Abstract] the local competition has a positive effect, while the current China local competition is mainly due to the chaos in the local government too much economic power at the same time, there is no supporting accountability mechanism. The author: Elise (BI strategy researchers Shenhua Institute) what is the local government? According to the definition of "international" Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, the local government can generally be considered public government, it has the right to a smaller area of decision and management of public politics, it is a branch of government and the central government. The local government is the lowest level in the government system, the central government is the highest level, the middle part is the intermediate government (such as the state, the region, the provincial government, etc.). The definition of local government in our country generally refers to the symmetry of the central government, including the western government, including provincial, municipal, county and township governments. The local government and the people of the contact is more direct and can grasp the needs of local residents, so the local government has irreplaceable importance for a country’s economic and social development. The important function of local government is mainly through the fulfillment of its function. However, the current local government in the exercise of authority in the absence, offside and dislocation phenomenon, caused many contradictions and problems. Therefore, the transformation of local government functions is an important part of the reform of government functions. The advantages and disadvantages of local competition in China’s reform process, local competition is an important driving force to promote China’s rapid economic growth. The so-called local competition, mainly refers to the local government to attract funds and entrepreneurs, the occupation of the market and other resources competition. In order to attract resources, local governments must improve the traffic environment, increase infrastructure, improve the quality of government services, etc.. These actions are conducive to economic growth. Reform of the tax system provides incentives for local competition, the local government has a strong investment impulse. In the mature market economy countries, the economic function of macro regulation and control is undertaken by the central government. But in China, especially after the reform of the tax system, the surplus share rights and control rights of local government has not only in the region of the state-owned economy, and its regional regulatory authority and regulation functions have been strengthened to a certain extent, the market has become an important subject with independent economic interests and decentralized decision-making power, plays an important role in the allocation of resources social investment and consumption. Dai Muzhen, Professor of political science at Stanford University (Jean Qi) as early as 1990s put forward the proposition of China’s Local State Corporation. In the process of economic development, the local government has many characteristics of the company. At the same time, the local government mainly through the following four ways to control and intervene in the operation of the enterprise: first, the factory management; the two is the allocation of resources; the other is the administrative services; the four is the investment and loan. Local State Corporation easily lead to widespread injustice. Local competition is bound to produce local protectionism, in the reality of China, there is a professor at Peking University, Zhou Lian called the local officials to promote the championship mode". The model is based on the pursuit of maximizing GDP, making local government officials more like the chairman, general manager, busy investment. This model on the one hand.相关的主题文章: