Beikong Coach domestic players too dependent on foreign aid to have confidence.-kamikaze love

Beikong Coach: domestic players too dependent on foreign aid to have confidence, sina sports news Beijing time on October 29th, the 2016-17 CBA league season opener, the defending champion Sichuan team against the offseason to adjust Beikong team in the home court. The Liu Weixin team scored 14 points 6 rebounds, 5 assists, Harris scored 39 points and 10 rebounds, Sichuan 110-85 in the final victory over Beikong, obtains the new season opener opener. Beijing rural commercial bank manager Wang Xidong attended the conference, "the attitude adjustment is not good, from aid to foreign aid, from free throws can see. Too much attention to the ball, resulting in the hand is too tight, and in the face of difficulties and no uniform to organize the defense, especially in the third quarter together (not good), a sudden collapse. In fact, in the first half of North agribusiness have been biting the score, also have the opportunity to overtake. But in the other side of the home, it is difficult to maintain the advantages of small. In particular, after half the adjustment, the Sichuan team through a wave of the initiative. "The two teams were a little tight in the first half. Now the domestic players are too little support for foreign aid, only the two foreign aid score on the double, the other party is a lot of Chinese score, if the future so playing, it is difficult to win. How do you get 85 points to win?" Wang Xidong asked in reply. Talking about Mike Room and the team? Wang Xidong bluntly, domestic players too dependent on foreign aid mentality is too obvious, too dependent on domestic players, he always wanted to give the ball to him, always want to let him go to solve. So go back to sum up, go back to the Chinese players to build confidence, they want to attack." Despite losing the game, but the players still have North commercial highlights, three rain captain Yu Liang once the team also tied the score, "after the first half to beam the game was also play a role, especially on the perimeter of the attack, or relieve their pressure (foreign aid), but in the end did not score under the condition of small foreign aid can only rely on their own." (Chen Xi)相关的主题文章: