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Beijing morning news: do not let the power become the official creation of "salesman" – View – original title: do not let the power become the official creation of "salesman" media survey found that the official corruption case published in recent years, the number of calligraphy, calligraphy, antiques and other related works are more elegant…… Hunan Province, the former Secretary of Chenzhou municipal Li Dalun has published two books by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the party and government organs compulsion, a few years later, Li Dalun netted more than 3000 yuan. (September 11th, Beijing News) among the leading cadres, good at calligraphy, painting in the works, longer than the work of art officials, writer officials is not uncommon. Have such talent, it is understandable, but also elegant hobby. However, some cadres are essential for large square, calligraphy, "talent" to wantonly accepting money and wait for the right price to sell, called "runbi fees", to reflect its reasonable income. What is more, hundreds of books, with power when the "salesman", to the party and government organs, subordinate cadres "recommended" creation, from their own earned pours. Of the leading cadres of the creation of "soft spot", nature is not directed at a few characters, or a book, they are not in phase Du pearl, but the Pearl of the casket. To invite leaders inscription, through the payment of labor remuneration, pinch quasi leading cadres weakness, open power gap, thus promotion, for their post adjustment, or for the project, to pave the way for the project. If you remove the power coat, alone a few pages of ink, paper can lead, bustling? After Chen Anzhong, Hu Changqing sacked, lest people have shunned, shovel word, which shows the loss of power in this masterpiece "psoriasis". There is no doubt that the leading cadres by inscription money and behavior, is the name of art banner, for taking bribes of clownism. The consequences will be the proliferation of power, the formation of naked money right trading. Between the upper and lower levels, a dependence relation between the formation, the relationship of rights. Violations of the right to use, the power to intervene, is bound to affect the normal order of the organization, the destruction of discipline regulations, the formation of the organization outside the organization, outside the rules of the interests of the chain. And then trample the red line, beyond the bottom line, touch the high-voltage line, causing damage to the cause of the party, the legitimate rights and interests of the masses to bring infringement. Leading cadres to eliminate "art" to make money, the key is to hold the right hand. Put the power into the cage system, to maintain the high pressure situation of corruption, adhere to the rot will check, and resolutely see corruption hit, to ensure that the power of public operation, fair for the community, the official art can return to the true. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wang Qian)相关的主题文章: