Beijing, Haikou – VIDEO – cheap food cooperatives in the city to enable people to buy busy rain-tinyos

Beijing – VIDEO – Haikou cheap food store in the rain to buy public cooperation enabled. [comment] affected by weak cold air and low level jet, Haikou October 12th to 14, causing inconvenience to the public travel days of stormy weather and life. Because the price is affordable, fresh dishes of many people of Haikou to house around the basket cheap food cooperative store buy vegetables, to prepare for possible period of want or need. The same period [] (Haikou Huang) that we in the market there is almost the same, but I found this vegetables fresh degree is still relatively good, and more convenient, we work here (after work) here is good, the snacks are better, now I just want to buy a little back ready to do that is quite convenient, here is quite good. [the same period] (Haikou people pan lady) (how to choose to come here to buy food? ) just stay here. Is it convenient to you? ) on. How do you feel about the quality and price of their food? Very affordable, if the afternoon when the species can be more good. [comment] in order to allow more people to buy cheap vegetables, Haikou food basket group, price bureau and other departments will be 44 agricultural stores parity (area) upgraded to a basket of cheap food cooperation shop, in the original discount store voluntary premise, by the basket group to provide wholesale business, absorb the to achieve cooperation development. It is understood, according to the requirements of the "food basket" project planning, "12th Five-Year" in Haikou during the construction of agricultural and sideline products stores (area) 50, there are 44 normal operation, cheap store area of 45 square meters to 600 square meters, parity area area of 50 square meters to 200 square meters, the average daily store the vegetables sold 1600 kg to 5000 kg, lower than the market price of 5% to 15%. Reporter Li Yufan Haikou reported相关的主题文章: