Beijing – Guangxi – a tourist group of tourists poisoning more than and 20 people hospitalized in

Beijing – VIDEO – Guangxi tour tourists collective poisoning more than and 20 people 2 people hospitalized in ICU of Guangxi tour tourists collective poisoning more than and 20 people 2 people hospitalized in intensive care [comment] recently, a tour of Hong Kong and Macao on the way back to Hezhou, nearly thirty members suddenly appeared vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms have a fever, was rushed to the hospital, including two patients and was admitted to the intensive care room. August 23rd, the reporter learned at the Hezhou Railway Station, the tour group from Guangxi, Hezhou, a total of 91 people. In the afternoon, members in Zhuhai city after dinner, there are a lot of people appeared vomiting in the Guangzhou South Railway Station bus. [Tan Zhaoming] over the visitors at that time in the car I was quite serious, because the pull, pull a dozen times in the Guangzhou South Railway Station, after pulling in the same shape as the trousers are not, put in the Guangzhou South Railway Station. [comment] in the south of Guangzhou to Hezhou on the train, the existing 21 members appeared vomiting and diarrhea, after the relevant departments in Hezhou city received calls, the composition of the expert group consultation, to treat sick tourists. [] the same period before and after the Hezhou Guangji hospital dean Zhao Lanying we sent three ambulances to the 15 patient, now the patient general condition at present also, there are three relatively heavy, is a fever of 39 degrees 6 and two of them have abdominal pain is relatively heavy, in the ICU. The 15 patients all infusion. From the current symptoms of food poisoning should be considered, or food poisoning. [comment] due to the timely treatment, as of press time, all patients are in stable condition, the tourists Mr Yip told reporters that he is at the beginning of August this year received a invitation to Hongkong to attend the first session of the Chinese elderly sports dance in Hong Kong and macao. [the same period] the purpose of the cultural exchange is the purpose of Mr. Yip, is to go to the elderly to dance competition, we observe, observe the way to travel. Go down the avenue of stars pictures 10 minutes on the train, to the exhibition center, half an hour off camera, and then went to Venice to work for an hour today, the former residence of Sun Zhongshan, 30 minutes or 20 minutes, is the rush trip, when shopping for 2 hours for 3 hours, you do not buy but you can not go out. [interpretation] on this, travel guides have different interpretations. [the same period] Yulin travel agency tour guide Liu Rong opened the meeting will belong to sightseeing shopping group, have signed a contract of the kind. (there is no account of the middle of shopping and other matters) confessed, we have to say clearly. He Huimin, Hezhou, Guangxi, reported by,相关的主题文章: