Beijing, Fujian court informed telecommunications fraud typical case information security is the key

Beijing, Fujian court informed the typical case of telecommunications fraud: information security protection is the key of rule of Law — September 30 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Jing) "the supreme law of the staff received a telephone fraud." Supreme law Bureau inspector Wang Ling today presided over the press conference. Supreme People’s court today held a press conference to introduce a typical case of telecommunications fraud. Senior vice president, Beijing people’s court spokesman An Fengde, the Fujian Provincial Higher People’s court vice president, spokesman Xie Kaihong introduced Beijing, Fujian court telecommunications fraud case, and informed the typical cases. According to the Beijing Higher People’s court vice president, spokesman An Fengde introduced since 2013, the Beijing Court concluded a total of 59 cases related to various types of telecommunications fraud, sentenced to more than 405 penalty. Among the cases 50, 9 cases of second instance. In the first case, the crime of fraud involving a total of 45 390 people, involving the crime of impairing credit card administration a total of 5 pieces of 13, involving the crime of credit card fraud has a total of 2 pieces of 7, involving the crime of illegally obtaining personal information of 2 pieces of 2, involving the theft of 1 pieces of 3 one involves the disruption of radio communications management order crime 1 1 people. Fujian Higher People’s court vice president Xie Kaihong introduced since 2014, Fujian province courts concluded telecommunications network fraud cases 1663 3484 people, of which 1 year to August concluded 464 895 people. "There are many types of telecommunications fraud, such as a heavily praying, posing as public security staff, bank accounts and other types of security, not winning." Xie Kaihong, from the Fujian case, network telecommunications fraud has multiple characteristics: such as high-tech, remote means of fraud fraud, crime means constant renovation, division of hierarchy, "criminals at the cost of writing the kinds of fraud plot, step by step to set the temptation of parties." Media reporter asked, many crooks posing as public security staff call party fraud, ordinary people how to identify fraud or national staff to perform their duties? Beijing Higher People’s court vice president An Fengde suggested that the first public not to divulge individual identity information, do not disclose personal bank card account number and password information, not to the so-called "designated account" remittance. If you are not involved in the relevant cases are not clear or have doubts, you should go to the judicial authorities to verify. It is recommended to open the official telephone consultation of the judicial organs and popularize the basic legal knowledge and legal procedures to the parties concerned. Increase publicity, give full play to the role of a variety of media, in a timely manner to the public to announce the form of telecommunications fraud and means to encourage citizens to preserve effective evidence, and actively report. Establishment and daily benign communication mechanism of judicial suggestions for banks and telecommunications sector, strengthen policy supervision and prevention technology, combined with the judicial organs to take special action to combat telecommunications fraud, purifying telecommunications environment, protect the security of transactions, maintain the normal social order and judicial order. Beijing court informed the telecommunications fraud case, Dai Chunbo 32 people fraud case (a) the basic facts of the case at the end of August 2011, the defendant, Dai Chunbo)相关的主题文章: