Because wages caused by the crew, the crew stranded 21 trapped in the Kaohsiung port 60 Beijing –

Because wages caused by the crew, the crew stranded 21 trapped in the Kaohsiung port 60 Yu Tian Beijing 21 Chinese crew trapped Kaohsiung port 60 Yu Tian   because of lack of wages, necessities to the crew stranded dispatch company says it will help the crew coordination home yesterday, Hubei crew Lin Dong (a pseudonym) told the Beijing Youth Daily reporters, their line of 21 crew members have been staying in Hongkong ship "star of Beijing" from July 19th this year, the ship has docked in Taiwan near the port of Kaohsiung due to the lack of necessary operation and crew wages etc.. During the stalemate, the less food are on board almost nothing, the crew to help Kaohsiung, some Vegetable & Fruit is currently rely on local Seamen’s Union sent. Kaohsiung said the local port authorities, after the application of ship in gas, in order to return to the mainland, after suspected due to the outbreak of wages, the captain was unwilling to departure caused by staying in. Responsible for the "five star Beijing" to recruit the crew of the company responsible person said, they will actively coordinate for the crew to go home early. The star of Beijing was once for by local staff will help ship yesterday morning, a Hubei crew Lin told reporters BYD, his "star of Beijing" cargo ship from July 19th has been moored in Taiwan near the port of Kaohsiung, due to the lack of food supply, had to seek emergency food assistance to the local seamen’s union. Lin said that in July this year, their 21 crew and a Hubei seafarers labor dispatch company signed a contract to a ship called the "star of Beijing" Hongkong ship to work for 8 months. In July 19th they flew from Wuhan to Taiwan, Kaohsiung, boarded the ship after the discovery of a variety of materials, the captain said he hoped the ship owners can pay, so that the ship to rely on Hong Kong to obtain supplies. But since July 19th, the star of Beijing was only 3 times the food supply, is a August 19th, buy from local suppliers for $442 worth of vegetables; once in September 4th the crew because of lack of food to help the local Kaohsiung got some Vegetable & Fruit emergency rescue; the last time was in September 15th, the company sent the crew have the money to buy a batch of supplies. The person in charge of Taiwan Kaohsiung local Seamen’s Union told reporters BYD, the end of August this year at the beginning of September, they had received signals for help from the crew of the "star of Beijing". The crew said the food on the ship, especially vegetables has been inadequate, and because of economic disputes and the company, no money to buy food from the port, so there is nothing phenomenon, hope to get emergency food aid. The official said, the local seamen union to understand the situation, once sent to board the five-star Beijing cargo ship to see the situation, confirmed the existence of food shortages. In September 4th, the Seamen’s Union conveying some fresh Vegetable & Fruit to the "five-star Beijing". Lin said, more than and 60 days off in Kaohsiung, in addition to food shortage, they also need to face the test of typhoon. In September 14th, super typhoon "Meranti" and southern Taiwan passing. Lin said, heard that a typhoon is coming, the owner had to call, asked the crew to anchor, "we are dismayed to go to Kaohsiung Port Captain Chang相关的主题文章: