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Banda Asia: good performance of retail sales data from 3 and a half months lows the New York Fed President Dudley said on Friday that in view of the current surplus of idle labor and low inflation, the degree of monetary policy easing right. Inflation risk is unlikely to threaten US economic expansion, while external shocks are the major threat to future economic expansion, and there is no need to discuss negative interest rates at the moment. Dudley also said that the key areas of the US economy worked well; the bank capital was stronger and in good condition; and there was no concern about the weakness of some bank stocks. At the same time, the level of household debt in the United States has declined. Dudley pointed out that the Fed policy depends on data, but also associated with the financial market conditions. The financial situation has been shrinking in recent weeks, and the stock market has fallen significantly. But it’s hard to say how much of the sell-off is based on the fundamentals of the economy. Financial market conditions will be included in the Fed’s policy considerations. Dudley said that the dollar has depreciated in recent weeks, and the market reflects the situation abroad. And the time to achieve the 2% inflation target will be extended. FOMC will consider the latest situation at the March meeting; the Fed will not make a commitment because economic data may change. In addition, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) a senior official said that if the government did not come up with the economic reform scheme is feasible, to achieve debt sustainability, or removal of the euro crisis will rekindle. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) director of European affairs Thomsen said, has yet to see possible solutions, explain how it will repay the debt of Greece to achieve fiscal surplus in the medium term. And any reform plan that relies on overly optimistic assumptions will soon bring Greece back to Europe with renewed fears and an investment climate. Thomsen, who is in charge of IMF’s Greek bailout plan, warns that Greece needs to reform its pension system and get debt forgiveness from European creditors to control debt levels. Without the reform of the pension system, Greece will not be able to achieve the basic surplus of GDP 3.5%. Today, need to pay attention to the data, China January trade balance, Japan’s December industrial output rate of the final value, Japan’s December industrial output rate, the final value of the euro zone 12 seasonally adjusted trade balance in December and the euro zone trade account is not seasonally adjusted. In addition, the president of the European Central Bank Delaki will speak this evening, but also worthy of attention. The dollar index: on Friday, the dollar index closed up slightly upward, the daily cash price, trading at around 96.10. In addition to short covering on the exchange rate constitute some support, the retail sales data released by the good performance of the United States period is the main reason to support the dollar index since the lows of the 3 and a half months. The strong U.S. retail sales data show that the Fed may raise interest rates during the year and continue to. In addition, the optimism expressed by Dudley, the Federal Reserve official, is also an important factor supporting the rebound of the exchange rate. Today’s attention to the support around 95.60, the top pressure near 96.40. The euro dollar: on Friday the euro price shocks down, spot trading at around 1.1230. In addition to the profit taking pressure on the exchange rate, the dollar index rebounded under the support of good retail sales data is the application of the theory

邦达亚洲:零售数据表现良好 美指自3个半月低位反弹   纽约联储主席杜德利上周五表示,鉴于当前过剩闲置劳动力和低通胀,美国当前货币政策的宽松程度合适。通胀风险不太可能威胁美国经济扩张,而外部冲击是未来经济扩张的主要威胁因素,目前根本无需讨论负利率。杜德利还表示,美国经济的关键领域运行良好;银行业资本金更加雄厚,状况良好;不担心某些银行股票疲软。同时,美国家庭债务水平所有下降。杜德利指出,美联储政策取决于数据,但也与金融市场状况关联。近来几周金融状况有所紧缩;股市显著下跌。不过,很难说市场抛售现象有多少是基于经济基本面的。金融市场状况将纳入美联储的政策考量。杜德利表示,最近几周美元有所贬值;市场状况反映出海外局势。而实现2%通胀目标的时间将延长。FOMC将在3月会议上考虑最近的形势;美联储不会作出承诺,因为经济数据可能变化。   另外,国际货币基金组织(IMF)一名高级官员表示,如果希腊政府没有拿出可行的经济改革方案,实现债务可持续,否则脱欧危机将重燃。国际货币基金组织(IMF)欧洲事务主管汤姆森表示,目前仍未看到可行的方案,说明希腊将如何偿还债务以在中期取得财政盈余。而任何一个依靠过度乐观的假设所制定的改革计划,很快会让希腊退欧的恐惧再次浮现,打击投资气氛。负责IMF希腊救助计划的汤姆森警告,希腊需要改革其养老保险制度,并获欧洲债权人债务减免以控制债务水平。若不改革退休金体系,希腊将无法实现基本盈余占GDP 3.5%的目标。   今日需要关注的数据有,中国1月贸易帐、日本12月工业产出年率终值、日本12月工业产出月率终值、欧元区12月季调后贸易帐和欧元区12月未季调贸易帐。此外,今日晚间欧洲央行行长德拉基将发表讲话,也值得大家进行关注。   美元指数:   上周五美元指数震荡上行,日线小幅收涨,现汇价交投于96.10附近。除空头回补对汇价构成了一定的支撑外,时段内美国公布的零售销售数据表现良好是支撑美元指数自3个半月低位反弹的主要原因。强劲的美国零售销售数据表明美联储年内还有继续加息的可能。此外,美联储官员杜德利发表的乐观言论也是支撑汇价反弹的重要因素。今日关注95.60附近的支撑情况,上方压力在96.40附近。   欧元 美元:   上周五欧元震荡下行,现汇价交投于1.1230附近。除获利回吐对汇价构成了一定的压力外,美元指数在良好的零售销售数据的支撑下反弹是施压欧元回落的主要原因。时段内欧元区公布的经济数据好坏参半,对市场的影响有限。今日关注1.1300附近的压力情况,下方支撑在1.1150附近。   英镑 美元:   上周五英镑冲高后回落,日线涨幅收窄,现汇价交投于1.4510附近。投资者预期英国首相卡梅伦将在即将召开的欧盟峰会上寻求与其他欧盟领导人就改革计划达成一致,对英镑构成了一定的支撑。不过,表现良好的美国零售销售数据支撑美元指数反弹的同时也对英镑构成了一定的压力,是英镑涨幅收窄的主要原因。今日关注1.4600附近的压力情况,下方支撑在1.4450附近。   邦达亚洲   2016-2-15 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: