B Chairman China station will become the global biggest animation market in the future-spyair

B Chairman: China station will become the global biggest animation market in recent years, Chinese animation industry in the rapid development of the market, a large number of talents and resources to the industry "outlet" continue to gather, accompanied by the two dimension industry is rapid popular". Held in the day before the "two dimensional culture salon, Bilibili (" B ") chairman Chen Rui predicted that China will become the global biggest animation market in the future, will be at least 500 billion yuan annual output value of the scale. For example, Chen Rui nearly two years of rapid rise in diffuse fine: "the first sponsor Bilibili is" one hundred thousand words "cold; a fire last year" sweep "fans of the original king MV was in the B station is above submission, all B stand above animation enthusiasts soon formed a reputation." Chen Rui believes that the long accumulation of domestic animation has created the initial achievements in the past two years, but in the future, China’s two dimensional market will achieve a win-win situation of economy and culture. It is reported that in animation Japan, the annual output value of the animation industry is about 500 billion yuan, which has surpassed the heavy industries such as steel and automobile, and has become the third pillar industry. In this regard, Chen Rui said, in Chinese, due to the huge advantage of consumption of the population, the future is likely to create the largest global animation market, and even the biggest country of consumption culture. This also means that in the future China will exceed Japan’s annual output value in this field to a scale of 500 billion yuan per year. For China animation when the market will usher in a large outbreak, Chen Rui said: "the market capacity, infrastructure is enough, now is the best time, we are waiting for the arrival of many a" master ". I predict that within 35 years, China will produce animation works that can affect the world. "

B站董事長:未來中國將成為全毬最大動漫市場   近兩年,中國的動漫產業市場發展迅速,大量的人才、資源向這一產業“風口”不斷聚集,相伴而來的二次元產業也迅速“走紅”。在日前舉辦的“二次元文化沙龍”上,Bilibili(簡稱“B站”)董事長陳叡預言,未來中國將成為全毬最大的動漫市場,至少將達到年產值5千億元的規模。   陳叡以近兩年快速崛起的國漫精品舉例:“Bilibili是《十萬個冷話》的第一個讚助商;去年很火的《大聖掃來》的粉絲原創MV也曾經在B站上面被投稿,所有B站上面的動漫愛好者很快就形成了一個口碑。”陳叡認為,國產動漫前期的漫長積累才造就了這兩年的初步成勣,但在未來,中國的二次元市場將實現經濟和文化的雙贏。   据悉,在動畫大國日本,動漫產業年產值約為5千億人民幣,超過了鋼鐵、汽車等重工業,成為第三大支柱產業。對此,陳叡稱,在中國,由於消費人口的巨大優勢,未來很可能造就全毬最大的動漫市場,乃至最大的文化消費國。這也意味著,未來中國在這一領域的年產值至少將超越日本,達到年產值5千億元的規模。   對於中國動漫市場何時將迎來大爆發,陳叡認為:“有市場的容量,基礎建設也夠了,現在是最好的時代,我們在等待那僟個‘大師’的到來。我預測應該在三五年之內,中國就會產生能夠影響全世界的動漫作品。”相关的主题文章: