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Real-Estate Many home buyers first consider Westlake Hills for its prestigious educational district, but once buyers .e to the area to actually look at homes, they fall in love with this Texas town. That’s because Westlake Hills, located on MoPac (Loop 1) and Highway 360 (the Capital of Texas Highway), near Austin, is a Texas .munity with plenty to offer. Many Westlake Hills have million-dollar views of hills and canyons and the streets here are clean and safe. While Westlake Hills is only 6 miles west of downtown Austin, it often seems more than a world away. While residents of urban centers may have to worry about crime and property, Westlake Hills seems to delight in abundance. More than 3 100 residents make up the Westlake Hills .munity and these home owners range from science and technology professionals to young families. The average age of residents here is 43 and most enjoy the .munity annual household in.e average of $117 000. .munity members love taking advantage of the great recreation and the fabulous public library Westlake Hills has to offer. Westlake Hills residents respect each other’s privacy but are also a friendly and .munity. The greatest resource Westlake Hills has are its residents, which contribute to the high quality of life here. Residents of Westlake Hills also love the natural beauty that surrounds Westlake Hills homes. The .munity is home to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, which has hiking and biking trails from Town Lake and Shoal Creek. In fact, residents of Westlake Hills can follow the trails from their homes to trails that go all the way to 45th street in Austin. Whether you are looking for pleasant Sunday afternoon jaunt or whether you are a serious jogger, you will find much in the busy trails to keep you active for years to .e. If you love golf, you’ll adore what Westlake Hills can offer you. The Barton Creek Golf Resort and Spa was designed by Arnold Palmer, Tom Fazio, and Ben Crenshaw. The golf resort offers multiple championship golf courses as well as instruction for the beginner and the pro. Lakeway, located a short drive away, offers an addition four golf courses in the prime of Texas hill country. Lakeway also offers the beautiful Lake Travis, which has boat access as well as scenic limestone cliffs and walking trails. Westlake is not only near the business of Austin the .munity also has more than 200 businesses of its own. This means that residents can enjoy .pleting DIY projects with the assistance of a local hardware store or can make the most of their Westlake gardens by shopping for garden dcor, plants, and seedlings at the local garden stores and nurseries. In the evenings, Westlake home owners can enjoy fine dining in one of the town’s luxury restaurants, or can enjoy Texas barbeque outdoors at one of the many casual diners in the area. Plus, Westlake residents don’t have to worry about medical care Westlake is home to state of the art new medical facilities that house top-flight healthcare workers and specialists. And, of course, Westlake is famous for its schools. Students in the town enjoy the ever-expanding public library, which features a growing collection as well as the latest .puters. Westlake is also part of the prestigious Eanes Independent School District. The Eanes Independent School District is considered to be one of the top 25 districts in Texas. In fact, it was ranked one of the top 25 districts by the Excellence in Education program. The high school in Westlake is a U.S. Blue Ribbon School and has an excellent record of placing students in good college programs. The school offers a range of extracurricular opportunities as well as a full range of AP courses. The high school even teaches American Sign language as well as four other languages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: