Astronauts return to the smooth landing of this crew can not

The astronauts return to the cabin smooth landing the big guy contributed huge parachute covering three home basketball field, the safety of astronauts, the landing is the last bar, the parachute contributed, it can be put into the atmosphere from the spacecraft high-speed rail speed down to ordinary people jogging speed, let astronauts "floating" go home. As of now, Spacecraft Recovery and landing system of our country has 11 escort Shenzhou spacecraft successfully, 12 astronauts return home safely. The more than 7 thousand parts of the huge parachute is an important gas powered spacecraft return stage deceleration device, mainly used to reduce the speed of the capsule, the capsule to ensure the steady drop posture, the astronauts landed safely. Of course, this parachute is different from the ordinary parachute, the whole system is composed of more than 7 thousand parts, is currently the largest and most complex system of spacecraft recovery parachute in china. Among them, the main umbrella is a large parachute 1200 square meters, all expand to cover three basketball field; the main umbrella straightened length more than 70 meters across the football field. Considering the comfort of the astronauts, the manned spacecraft requires not only high reliability of parachute, but also on the stability and rate of decline have strict requirements, the volume and weight of the parachute is restricted, therefore, the design difficulty of the parachute system is very large. Over the past 20 years, the parachute system of spacecraft received several improvements, from Shenzhou eight, increased canopy protection cloth and distraction umbrella, the parachute is more reliable. Today, the spacecraft parachute is currently the largest area, the relative quality of the lightest, open the umbrella program control, processing and packaging technology is the most difficult to open the maximum envelope of the parachute dynamic pressure. The folded parachute can be plugged into a refrigerator don’t look at the Shenzhou spacecraft main parachute is a huge monster, but the body is light, weighs less than 100 kg, folded into the pack in volume less than 200 litres, can be put into ordinary household refrigerator. However, the soft parachute can be put in the group is not random return to the cabins, but neatly stacked in the chute. This involves a job that sounds simple, but has a very high level of technology – the umbrella. From the 200 litre pack to the giant parachute air of 1200 square meters, the expansion process is tens of seconds, but it only lasts for a few seconds behind, is the aerospace workers pack an umbrella for several days, personnel packaging processing personnel months of sewing, designers several years of calculation and test. According to the professional view, is to pack an umbrella parachute canopy, parachute and harness connection components such as into the pack, to maintain a certain geometry, and to ensure that such canopy components from windblast and other objects hook before work, the work is to ensure that the scheduled program package work. The whole package umbrella process has dozens of procedures, the main operations are: hanging umbrella, to release the internal stress of materials and clean the remainder; folding canopy, canopy will be in order; ensure that any two combs the parachute, the parachute or not cross winding; finishing pack; loading parachute; package; weighing. Every step of the process will affect the umbrella of 1200 square meters to put into 200 liter pack. Combing the 96 umbrella rope as long Hand-Pulled Noodle life, we all have.相关的主题文章: