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As a teacher of cancer justice, why can only rely on anger? Sohu comment on anger, is an instinct, it is said that three month old baby will have a performance of anger. Perhaps because it is a kind of instinct, it is often difficult to control without thinking. If there is one thing that instantly triggered the anger of most people, it means that it may touch the bottom line without thinking too much. For example, betrayal of marriage, trampling on the dignity of life, will instantly ignite people’s anger. So some people say that although the collective anger looks a bit scary, the situation is not elegant enough, but it can prove the existence of a simple sense of justice. In other words, if the collective can be angry, that some of the bottom line has not been forgotten. In the face of a common bottom line value, relative hypocritical elegance, collective anger may be more like a good thing. Recently, in addition to Baoqiang Wang’s divorce, caused by the collective anger is probably the LanZhou JiaoTong University Bowen college teacher Liu Lingli was dismissed. Liu Lingli, an ordinary girl is positive, the original teaching in two colleges affiliated to the LanZhou JiaoTong University under the name of private property. Because of the sudden cancer, had to discontinue teaching leave treatment. In her treatment during the school by the labor contract law, to absenteeism by the fire. Although the local court decided to dismiss the school decided invalid, ordered to resume the labor contract relationship, but the school has refused to enforce the court, until Liu died clever. This thing in the network fermentation, grow bigger, end users one-sided anger for Liu Lingli to recover the belated justice. People accused it of ruthless. Under pressure, the school announced the resumption of contractual relationship with Liu Lingli, up wages and social security, and a letter of apology to hang out at the official website, Dean Chen Ling also come to apologize, and provide a total of 500 thousand yuan of medical expenses and mental damages. But all the afterthought, does not seem to prevent users from blowout anger, scold the school to question its cold-blooded show, shirking, hypocrisy, more media from the bottom of the college dean Chen Ling, refers to the fabrication of academic credentials, fradulent. For the college’s leadership, they did not expect to estimate: the law can do nothing to them, but public opinion can keep their comfortable boat overturned. Facts have proved that the anger of users is not irrational. The college is not the first time the use of expulsion means to lift the sick workers labor contract, and Liu Lingli suffered the same teacher is still rights. Fire, is a negative word, is one of the most severe punishment, for serious irregularities workers. This school can go the normal legal channels to relieve workers suffering from serious illness is expelled from the contract, multiple use means, may be the main reason of this method is simple and efficient, with the fastest speed can get rid of the burden of their eyes". Moreover, from the experience of Liu Lingli can be seen, dismissed workers seeking labor arbitration is very difficult, the use of high cost of legal rights, even if the final win, it may not be able to get compensation. Expulsion of sick workers is equivalent to illness as a mistake and a stain. This is a kind of cruel way to break a man’s back, just imagine, if Liu Lingli did not die, and cure the disease, and one day want to re相关的主题文章: