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Apple Pay China Shenzhou car into the first Chinese login support APP- technology Sohu apple powder long-awaited Apple Pay finally landed in February 18th China, Shenzhou car became the first to support Apple Pay service APP, Apple users can choose apple to pay recharge. Apple Pay is a payment function of mobile phone based on NFC, complete the payment process by Token encryption, does not participate in fund management liquidation, safer and more quickly. After binding the bank card, the handset only needs to close to the POS machine + to press the fingerprint two steps to be possible to complete. From now on, when you recharge the Shenzhou car, you can choose Apple Pay in the way of recharge. So far, the Shenzhou car support Apple Pay, Alipay, WeChat, Jingdong to pay payment, bank card recharge etc.. If you have not set Apple Pay, just open the apple with APP:Wallet (wallet), click on the top of the Apple Pay, adding the bank card (such as App before Store bound bank card, simply enter the security code to complete the binding), SMS verification, a card is bound to complete! After the completion of the Apple Pay settings, in all the support Apple Pay APP no need to re bind, payment directly verify Touch ID, easy to confirm transactions! Because the Apple Pay need to support NFC function, so only the following models: iPhone 6S, using the apple iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 and Plus Apple Watch.

Apple Pay登录中国 神州专车成中国首批支持APP-搜狐科技   苹果粉期待已久的Apple Pay终于在2月18号登陆中国,神州专车成为第一批支持Apple Pay服务的APP,苹果用户充值时可以直接选择苹果支付。   Apple Pay是一种基于NFC的手机支付功能,通过加密Token完成支付过程,不参与自有资金的管理清算,更安全更快速。绑定银行卡后,手机只需靠近POS机+按指纹两步就可完成。   即日起,充值神州专车时,可以在充值方式中选择Apple Pay。至此,神州专车支持Apple Pay、支付宝、微信支付、京东支付、银行卡充值等多种方式。         若您还未设置Apple Pay,只需打开苹果自带APP:Wallet(钱包),点击最上方的Apple Pay,添加银行卡,(如之前在App Store中绑定过银行卡,只需输入安全码即可完成绑定),短信验证后,一张卡就绑定完成!完成Apple Pay设置后,在所有支持Apple Pay的APP中无需再次绑定,支付时直接验证Touch ID,轻松确认交易!   由于Apple Pay 需要支持NFC功能,所以只限于以下苹果机型使用:iPhone 6s、 iPhone 6s Plus、iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus 和Apple Watch。相关的主题文章: