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Anji ("green" variations on the governance of new ideas and new practice? New ideas to lead the new development) – Politics – mountain is green, green fields, Jiequ is green, the farmhouse is green…… Even the trees, the river, the green river. Indeed, the feeling into Anji, is full of green! Due to this and hold the precious green, Anji won the "UN Habitat Award" — so far, the only one to have this award at the county level city. Give up extensive development, a blueprint drawn in the end of Anji green, hard won! After a lot of feeling "variations": Zhejiang is a mountainous area, particularly in Anji. The hiding in the corner of the mountains in Northwest Zhejiang mountain county, in addition to the mountain, or mountain — less than 7 per capita cultivated land. In the era of "taking grain as the key link", without land, there would be nothing. So, for a long time, Anji has been wearing a poor hat". After the reform and opening up, eager to lose the "poor hat" in Anji, turned to the industry, for a time, "village ignition, household smoke". Finance is indeed up, but the price? The castle was destroyed and the river was polluted…… Yu Cun town most representative: Yu village Kaoshanchishan, built a lime kiln, brick factory, cement plant and a large number of enterprises. In 90s, the village collective economy once ranked first in the village of Anji county. At that time, the smoke dust everywhere, many villagers are afraid to open the window……" Speaking of "stone ecological economy" brought destruction, the villagers Pan Wenji has a lingering fear. 1998, the State Council issued a yellow card warning: Anji was listed as the focus of water pollution control in Taihu! As a warning for the future, the extensive development of old to go! Anji County People’s Congress adopted a new strategy of "ecological county", resolutely shut down 33 polluting enterprises, the county accounted for 13 of the tax sources including Xiao Feng pulp production line. 243 mine enterprises left only the standard of 17…… Guan, stop at the same time, Anji has tightened the pocket — do not meet the requirements of enterprises will be allowed to settle. Indonesia Sinar Mas Group, an investment of nearly 5 billion yuan of paper-making project, put into the annual tax of up to 1 billion yuan, but because the environmental problem was eliminated; Taiwan lake resort project ", the house has been built, no environmental standards, the county government would pay 7 million yuan to stop the project…… Anji’s efforts to get the attention of Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xi Jinping. In August 15, 2005, Xi Jinping has braved the heat to the town over the village survey, zoucunchuanhu got first-hand information, said happily, determined to stop some of mine, this is a smart move. When the fish and bear’s paw can not have both, you know to give up, must not be obsessed with the kind of pattern of development in the past, in fact, beautiful scenery is jinshanyinshan. The value in GDP era, Anji move, need to have anyone. And anyone, from the correct view of achievements. Indeed, just look at the economic indicators, a series of off, stop, Anji pay the price is heavy: in the economic order of the counties in Huzhou, Anji was back to the bottom of the first. However, Anji City Party committee and government hold on)相关的主题文章: