Anhui Hong Kong to develop The Belt and Road countries along the new network in the market-bleep

Anhui Hong Kong to develop "The Belt and Road along the country market – Beijing, China News Agency, Hefei, October 14 (Zheng Guoping Zhao Qiang) Anhui Hong Kong enterprises to develop" The Belt and Road along the country market cooperation conference in Anhui on 14 held in Hefei, attracting from Anhui Hong Kong hundreds of business representatives to participate in. The event is jointly organized by the Hongkong Trade Bureau, the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce and the Anhui provincial sasac. Hongkong TDC East and central China chief representative Zhong Yongxi believes that in recent years, Hong Kong Anhui economic and trade exchanges frequently, with remarkable achievements, to better integrate into the "The Belt and Road" strategy must be the focus of future cooperation between Hong Kong and Anhui enterprises in Anhui, "The Belt and Road along the country’s investment and industrial cooperation will need more professional people, Hongkong as Asia’s financial center, shipping center and service hub, has the advantage of shipping and logistics in the richly endowed by nature, arbitration, finance, legal and other aspects, can cooperate with Anhui enterprises more effectively to" go out ", to jointly develop the" The Belt and Road along the country’s market. From the course of reform and opening up in Anhui, Anhui and Hongkong have a wide range of cooperation, Hongkong has played and will also play an important role." Zhu Ning, deputy director of the Anhui Provincial Department of commerce. According to the Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce statistics show that in August this year, Anhui enterprises in the "The Belt and Road along national engineering contracting turnover of $600 million, an increase of 39.1%, the province accounted for 35.5% of the total, participate in the construction of the" The Belt and Road "initial results. Zhu Ning said, Hongkong of Anhui Province as the first major source of investment, economic and trade cooperation frequently, foreign investment enterprises in Anhui province is the first to go through Hongkong. 2015, the province has 20 enterprises settled in Hongkong to carry out a variety of business. Anhui province SASAC chairman Zheng Chengyu said, Anhui province SASAC attaches great importance to and actively promote the Anhui provincial enterprises cooperation and development in Hongkong, through the establishment of a platform and Window Company in Hong Kong, carry out international exchanges and cooperation on Hongkong. Currently there are more than a dozen Anhui provincial enterprises set up a platform company in Hongkong. In the future, the Anhui provincial SASAC will also promote the depth of exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and enterprises in Hongkong province. (end)相关的主题文章: