Anhui, a 10 year old boy with money to buy snacks were stepfather beat the new net – covered all

Anhui, a 10 year old boy with money to buy snacks were "stepfather" beaten Beijing – covered all over with cuts and bruises before the Merlin town of Ningguo City, a 10 year old boy boyfriend mother has long suffered domestic violence, causing widespread concern in the community. Zero o’clock yesterday, Merlin town police according to the clues rushed out of Zhejiang, in the local workers of the violent man Kwak back. The boy was beaten by her boyfriend arrested overnight mother covered all over with cuts and bruises 14:48 on September 11th, the Ningguo forum for a post "calls for the society to help the child, a boy in Ningguo was beaten stepfather Merlin covered all over with cuts and bruises" exposure. In the post, a skinny boy lying on the bed, the back covered with bruises, covered all over with cuts and bruises, some ulceration wound crusting, legs is full of scars, shocking. The poster said, the boy is the son of the students covered all over with cuts and bruises. The news spread, the child’s mother and stepfather "aroused public indignation, many people called for the police to punish batterers. Yesterday morning, reporters from the Ningguo Municipal Public Security Bureau and Merlin informed the police station, police learned that the "stepfather" Guo in Zhejiang Fuyang work clues, rushed to Zhejiang Fuyang on September 11th, zero o’clock yesterday will be arrested kwak. The boy claimed to be punished more than once to steal uncle Guo play according to the insider Wang (a pseudonym), a boy in the town rent, with her near her home. Her summer vacation when he noticed the boy on the leg injury, the legs are red, has been festering, and asked him how, he said that the mosquito bites." Wang introduced her mother-in-law had seen the boy’s "stepfather" beat him, "too poor, his arms’ stepfather ‘legs for mercy, mercy is playing more ruthless." Wang introduced, children recently beaten once is the morning of September 11th, "the mother to pick up the pecan, child and grandmother also beside, are afraid to pull." Wang introduced, the child’s stepfather looks quite honest, but playing the child to be particularly ruthless. For September 11th was hit, the little boy told reporters that the day he took 300 yuan from home to buy snacks to eat, was found. Guo Shushu said the family lost 400 yuan, I only took the $300, the money can not, he took a bamboo to take my back." Mother illiterate, usually his lessons are taught by guo. The little boy said, "it’s not the first time that he hit me, it’s a big hit." The child’s parents divorced two years ago father intends to return to custody according to Merlin town of village committee Village Zhang Guoqing, the little boy’s parents are of the village people, father surnamed Yi, Wu mother, both married ten years ago, the man is home son, husband and wife two people without other children. 2 years ago, two people divorce, the little boy was awarded to the mother, grandmother living with his mother. Soon after his parents divorced, his mother was looking for this boyfriend, kwak. Kwak is a stranger, moved to the woman’s home." Zhang Guoqing said that the little boy’s mother Wu and Kwak did not receive a marriage certificate. The boy in the Merlin Primary School, in September this year just to the third grade, Wu to accompany him to the town to rent it. It is reported that the boy father has been working in Ningguo. At present, the boy has come home from school to school, after school with his grandmother. Bystander "wolf.相关的主题文章: