Also see the school bus accident! Tragedy often happens in the corner we

Also see the school bus accident! Tragedy often occurs in the corner we forget the original title: see the school bus accident! Tragedy often occur in the forgotten corners of the author:     theory of headlines; source: public number theory headlines V Henan Suixian workers kindergarten school bus 22, when the Henan Suixian workers’ children in the kindergarten, boarded the bright yellow bus, the sun to go to school, you must be bright. However, a car accident comes, let happy school is full of the specter of death and screaming. At a junction, the school bus and truck collided violently. According to local officials informed that the school bus accident has caused 2 children were killed and 11 injured. 01 Chen Jiahao (a pseudonym) relatives in front of his body and see the school bus accident! There are 2 children in the school road. Although a similar tragedy in recent years, more and more small, but the accident in Suixian, children’s death and family made broken sorrow, or touched the public heart. If time could go back, we will tell the bus driver to drive slowly; if can pass through, we will be installed on the intersection of traffic lights. However, the passing of life and the passage of time can not be redeemed, "if" the expression of regret and repentance, but not for the death of life. In fact, as early as N years ago, after the school bus accident occurred, we can hear this". 02 injured children in the past school bus accident, heard the most "if", is the school bus is stronger". Blood and voice of public opinion, and finally forced the relevant departments to strengthen the security system. 2013 "school bus safety regulations" introduced, so that the operation of the school bus has a norm. These school bus accident in Suixian school bus, is what we expect the yellow school bus, rather than the modified van, or tricycle. More importantly, the school bus is not overloaded. In other words, the school bus is a regular school bus. However, with the safety of the school bus, school bus safety accident or tragic way. And why? On the moment of collision 03 video surveillance to the accident, in addition to investigate the accident itself the truth, another important thing is to take a wrong understanding of the logic of the school bus safety to reverse: security is not equal to a school bus, school bus safety guarantee. This common sense if the school bus management is ignored, it is undoubtedly fatal. In the objects of worship and superstition, it is easy to cause let down management, create loopholes for tragedy development. It should be noted that the school bus problem is not isolated, but a complex social problems in the ring. The school bus is strong, if you meet a crazy school bus driver, if you encounter a chaotic traffic environment…… Even on the road to the tank, for the children, I am afraid it is difficult to say safe. Therefore, a solid safety school bus is a necessary and sufficient condition to ensure the safety of the school bus. The children go to school on the road safety should be fully protected, cannot do without the social governance Hao相关的主题文章: