All the decoration and bag check! The Quzhou Municipal Housing Construction Bureau interprets the ne-pullip

All the decoration and bag check! Quzhou housing and Construction Bureau explained that the new housing will be sold or allocated to the new housing in every city or county center next month after the new deal. All the decorations and finished products will be delivered, encouraging the implementation of the whole decoration in the construction of housing. This means that the future citizens to buy new houses, see no longer is the original "blank room", but "full decoration" of the house. For most of the Quzhou buyers, the change is subversive, and what is the opinion of ordinary citizens? Recently, a random field survey was conducted on 25 citizens. The results showed that 14 of the respondents said they would like to pay for the materials as long as they are good at environmental protection and quality. But there are also a number of respondents who are worried: who will be regulated by the decoration? Who has "said the calculation"? A sound as long as the quality is good, willing to pay the bill earlier this month, Champs Elysees urban residential property owners Xu Fei decoration new premises be accomplished. "The decoration for five months, is quickly tired into a dog." After the Xu Fei family had a loan to buy a house, he chose to ask the construction team to decorate it. "Small to a nail, ground leak, big to ceramic tiles, furniture, all to be pro – force, goods than the three, the decoration is really tired!" Xu Fei said. Xu Fei said, if the decoration of the house quality is no problem, she also happy when "shuaishouzhanggui". Compared to Xu Fei, the public is quite a little more concerned about the whole decoration. Where is the personality? Who does the process? Who said the quality? There is no warranty? "In particular, pipeline, wire and other hidden engineering quality problems, can not see can not touch, can not tolerate a little careless." Xiao Yu suggested that we set up a third party regulatory body composed of professionals, experts in relevant departments and representatives of residential owners. We should check the quality of decoration at all levels, so that consumers could understand and buy safely. Sound two can resolve the decoration nuisance last week, home to live in the city’s double water bridge community of Xiaoli, moved back to the mother’s residence. "I’m going crazy, the sound of the drill, my head is going to blow off." Xiaoli said that the neighbours began to decorate this month and did not dare to go home during the day. Mary said, "bag" in some big city already became popular, he is also looking forward to this. "I was the first to decorate and stay in this building," he moved home 7 years ago. Yang admitted that in recent years, as a neighbor of public decoration. He has deep experience, but because of the sensibilities can only endure. These days, Xiao Yang has been paying attention to reports of the whole renovation, "the new deal is very exciting, but the love of the Chinese cabbage turnip, hope home style not across the board." My voice three of my site, "I really worry about the wrong home, but also stupid do not know!" "85 after" Xiao Chen brought up the full decoration, the face of the reluctance. Xiao Chen feels that there should be a choice in the market. It should not be done, but there is no choice, so there is a strong buying and selling. The same is the "85 after" Ding Ding, last year, under the support of his parents in a district of downtown to buy a set of hardcover repair room. At the beginning of this year, she and her husband happily to Shoufang, "the first feeling pushed open the door, like into the parents’ home, especially brown furniture and chandeliers, really can not accept." Ding Ding announced that recently, he is going to find a professional home company, the demolition and dismantling, the change. To this end, Ding Ding did not hesitate to vote for the whole decoration. "Loan to buy a house has been pressure like a mountain, and now we have to spend a lot of money to remove the redo, it is really not hurt!" Speaking of his own hardcover repair, Ding Ding is a bitter water. The two norms of departmental voice are coming soon. It is not difficult to find that "quality" and "pattern" are the most important concerns of new citizens. Is there an industry standard and regulatory binding? In September 22nd, the reporter went to the housing construction bureau of the Municipal Housing Bureau, and asked the relevant person in charge to explain the "Implementation Opinions on promoting green building and building industrialization development" closely related to human settlements (hereinafter referred to as "implementation opinion"). "The whole decoration and the bag", the official explained that the so-called decoration, refers to housing turnkey, fixed all functional space full survey or face paint, kitchen and toilet are the basic equipment installation completed, including water supply and drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and kitchen and other ancillary equipment. The person in charge also responded to the needs and quality of the full decoration of the public. First of all, the whole decoration mode is not without personalized demand. The general housing estate association designs different decoration modules according to the different needs of customers. The implementation of menu decoration is not uniform. Secondly, for the public decoration quality problems, especially the hidden works such as pipelines and wires, the person in charge explained that the whole decoration has strict quality inspection and acceptance, and there will be a quality guarantee period after sale, which is more secure than traditional decoration. The reporter learned that the implementation of the opinion also made clear a series of preferential policies for the construction, purchase and operation of green buildings. For example, the most concerned public housing loan problem is the housing purchase. The implementation opinion points out that the use of housing provident fund loans to purchase more than two star green buildings, the maximum amount of provident fund loans can go up 20%. According to another introduction, recently, the code for quality acceptance of fully decorated interior decoration works and the code for design and design of fully decorated residences are being revised and released in the near future.

全装修≠拎包入住! 衢州市住建局解读新政下月起全省各市、县中心城区出让或划拨土地上的新建住宅,全部实行全装修和成品交付,鼓励在建住宅积极实施全装修。这意味着,今后市民购买新房,看到的不再是原来的“毛坯房”,而是“全装修”过的房子。对大部分衢州购房者来说,这种变化是颠覆性的,普通市民对此持怎样的看法?近日,记者随机对25位市民进行了一次现场调查,结果显示,其中有14名受访者表示,只要用材环保,质量过硬,他们乐意埋单。但也有不少受访者担心:装修由谁来监管?质量由谁“说了算”?声音一 只要质量好,乐意埋单本月初,市区香榭丽舍小区业主徐菲新房装修大功告成。“装修五个月,都快累成狗了。”徐菲一家贷款买房后,选择请施工队装修。“小到一个钉子、地漏,大到瓷砖、家具,都要亲力亲为,货比三家,装修真是累呀!”徐菲说。徐菲说,如果全装修的房子质量没问题,她也乐当“甩手掌柜”。比起徐菲,市民小余对全装修颇有研究。个性在哪里?过程谁把关?质量谁说了算?有无质保期?“尤其是管道、电线等隐蔽工程质量问题,看不见摸不着,容不得半点马虎。”小余建议,组建一支由专业人士、相关部门专家,以及小区业主代表组成的第三方监管机构,层层把关装修质量,让消费者买得明白,买得放心。声音二 可化解装修扰民上周,家住市区双水桥社区的小丽,搬回娘家暂住。“我都快疯了,电钻声一响,脑袋都要炸开了。”小丽说,本月邻居家开始装修,白天不敢回家。小丽表示,“拎包入住”在一些大城市早就开始流行,自己对此也很期待。市民小杨7年前搬的家,“我是这栋楼第一个装修和入住的。”小杨坦言,这几年来,说起邻居装修扰民一事他深有体会,但碍于情面只能忍忍。这些天,小杨一直在关注全装修的相告报道,“新政很令人期待,但是青菜萝卜各有所爱,希望家装风格不要一刀切。”声音三 我的地盘我做主“真担心自己走错了家门,还傻傻的不知道!”“85后”的小陈提起即将落地的全装修,一脸的不情愿。小陈觉得,市场就该有选择,不该搞一刀切,没了选择,就有强买强卖之嫌。同是“85后”的丁丁,去年在父母的资助下在市区某小区买了一套精装修房。今年初她和丈夫满心欢喜地去收房,“推开门的第一感觉,像是走进了父母的家,特别是棕褐色的家具和水晶吊灯,真的不能接受。”丁丁相告,最近自己正准备找一家专业家装公司,该拆的拆,该换的换。为此,丁丁毫不犹豫地给全装修投了反对票。“贷款买房已是压力如山,现在还要再花钱拆了重做,实在是伤不起呀!”说起自家精装修房,丁丁是一肚子的苦水。部门声音 两大规范即将出台不难发现,“质量”和“格局”是市民对新房装修中最关心的问题,那么在这两点上,全装修能否让人满意?又是否有行业的标准和监管约束力?9月22日,记者来到市住建局建筑业处,请该处相关负责人详细解读这个与人居息息相关的《关于推进绿色建筑和建筑工业化发展的实施意见》(以下简称《实施意见》)。“全装修≠拎包入住”,该负责人解释,所谓全装修,就是指房屋交钥匙前,所有功能空间的固定面全部铺装或粉刷完毕,厨房与卫生间的基本设备全部安装完成,其中包括给水排水、通风与空调、照明供电和厨卫配套设备等。对于市民较为关注的全装修个性需求和质量等问题,该负责人也作了回应。首先,全装修模式并非没有个性需求,一般房屋房产商会根据客户的不同需要,设计出不同的装修套型,在出售房子前实行“菜单式装修”,并不是千篇一律。其次对于市民担心的全装修质量问题,尤其是管道、电线等隐蔽工程等,该负责人解释,全装修有严格的质量监理验收,且出售后会有一个质量维保期,“比起传统装修售后更有保障”。记者了解到,《实施意见》还明确了建设、购买、运营绿色建筑的一系列优惠政策。比如市民买房最关注的公积金贷款问题,《实施意见》指出,使用住房公积金贷款购买二星级以上绿色建筑的,公积金贷款额度最高可以上浮20%。另据介绍,近日《全装修住宅室内装饰工程质量验收规范》和《全装修住宅设计施工规范》正在紧锣密鼓的修订中,并将于近期正式出台。相关的主题文章: