All over the world, Zhang Feng airborne military training for young people seaway

"The whole world" Zhang Jiajia million for the new military airborne refueling Sina entertainment news by Zhang Jiajia in the original screenplay, Zhang Yibai [micro-blog] [micro-blog] director Deng Chao, starring Bai Baihe, [micro-blog] guest star, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, Yue Yunpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog] Liu Yan, cuckoo, starring movie "passing from your world" on September 29th, the National Archives released. The recent film roadshow promotional activities in hot run, after the first stop in Chongqing, Zhang Jiajia appeared in Chengdu, and airborne scene nearly 10000 new military training, sharing the story behind the "passing" and the Chengdu media and college students. Military training for the new airborne million Zhang Jiajia gas to encourage everyone to enjoy college life movie "passing from your world" roadshow second station, the original screenwriter Zhang Jiajia came to Sichuan Chengdu, one after another went to college at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and the Sichuan University Jincheng share with students the movie "passing from your world" behind the story, finally airborne Sichuan University Jincheng College of nearly 10000 new military training site, students cheer. Zhang Jiajia said he came to the university campus to remind him of his life in the University, we did not have air conditioning dormitory, no fan, but college life is also very exciting. College career is very important to me, because I have my roommate and love in the school." For the freshman has just entered the university life in military training, Zhang Jiajia suggested that military training is a rare opportunity to hone the will, you have to cherish, until the end of the military can enthusiastically embrace the rich and colorful university life. The university will share a warm atmosphere, there have been female students and even male students had to battle Zhang Jiajia confession, said Zhang Jiajia will always be in your side, "I am always here, I will not change, I will accompany you to go far away, turn the audience warm warm temperament. As a famous writer and film "passing from your world" screenwriter, he left a lot of gold is an aftertaste and thinking in the field, "life 360 degrees have different door, pushed open a door whether good or bad, there are always new and exciting, not open, only couch", "people can remember but, don’t miss back"…… Zhang Jiajia admits his book with a lot of people through the sad and lost at night, but also hope that we can be happy to face life, "the sad when insomnia at Zhang Jiajia, but if we do not see, Congratulations, you are very happy". "Passing from your world" is a story of seven kinds of life and all of us love movie "passing from your world" as a fusion of different feelings of the year emotional masterwork, Zhang Jiajia said "the script written 48 draft, the audience every minute to see yourself, the film is not assorted cold dishes but, a complete story, emotional relationship is very complex. A movie, seven kinds of life, all the love, this is the movie "from your world by"." The site will meet in Chengdu, Zhang Jiajia on several starring performance much appreciated, that each of them is very special, but also the interpretation of the common people in his mind "story". Deng Chao played for the end of Chen, Zhang Jiajia said, "is the mirror of his own, Deng Chao," and so on, and so on相关的主题文章: