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Air force Cadet college entrance examination scores above the estimated registration want to apply fly free students pay attention, yesterday, municipal education examination released the 2017 annual air force Cadet recruit policy, the air force Cadet selection time is from September 22, 2016 to September 28th, a primary station in the city’s 12 districts, the air force and Qinghua University and Beijing University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics joint training double roll flight cadets continue to recruit students for the city. According to reports, the pilot recruitment conditions for ordinary high school grade 2017 graduates, the previous high school age boys, not less than 17 years of age, not more than 20 years of age (August 31, 1997 August 31, 2000 born). In the height of 164~185 cm, weight not less than the standard weight of 80%, less than the standard weight of 130% (standard weight = height -110). Table C binocular uncorrected visual acuity was above 0.8, have not done vision correction surgery, no color blindness, seruo, strabismus. Calm blood pressure less than 13888 mmhg. In addition, applicants must have official residence in Chongqing, participated in the national college entrance examination (foreign language English, Russian, limit) prediction results in the first batch of culture of college entrance examination admission control scores above the undergraduate course in Chongqing city. (reporter: Qin Jian)

空军招飞 预估高考成绩一本以上可报名想要报考空飞的同学注意了,昨天,市教育考试院发布了2017年度空军飞行学员招收政策,此次空军招飞初选时间为2016年9月22日至9月28日,在全市12个区县设初选站,空军与清华、北大、北航联合培养的“双学籍”飞行学员继续面向全市招生。据介绍,此次招飞条件为普通高中2017级应届、往届高中毕业男生,年龄不小于17周岁、不超过20周岁(1997年8月31日至2000年8月31日出生)。身高需在164~185厘米之间,体重不低于标准体重的80%、不高于标准体重的130%(标准体重=身高-110)。双眼裸眼视力C字表均在0.8以上,未做过视力矫治手术,无色盲、色弱、斜视等。平静血压不超过138 88毫米汞柱。此外,报考的学生须具有重庆市正式户籍,参加全国普通高等学校招生统一考试(外语限英语、俄语),预估高考文化成绩在重庆市本科第一批录取控制分数线以上。(记者:秦健)相关的主题文章: