After the Olympic Games Chinese athletes doing what Fu Yuanhui play volleyball on the variety (

After the Olympic Games Chinese athletes doing what? Fu Yuanhui play volleyball on the variety [Abstract] the end of the Rio Olympics after returning home, these sports stars are busy what? Fu Yuanhui hit the hands of cotton candy Rio 2016 Olympic Games curtain, Olympic athletes China journey back home, but the domestic sports fans of the Olympics did not disperse, people still focus on Olympic athletes took care of their home every word and action, after every act and every move. After the end of the Olympic Games to return home, these sports stars in the end busy? The original is "Study hard every day". Have fun playing amusement park Fu Yuanhui did not forget to sell adorable with "field force" and "expression package" has become the new Jin "red" Fu Yuanhui during the Olympic Games in Rio, after returning to show a clear red net appeal. In addition to cope with the broadcast and interview invitation, Fu Yuanhui in the idle occasion and his teammates to play Beijing. She dried herself on the Internet and teammate Ye Shiwen and others in the amusement park photos, but also specifically said that this is not in the advertising". In the photo, wearing a pink T-shirt, wearing a black frame glasses Fu Yuanhui in the amusement park experience a roller coaster, excited her hand in the whole play in the process of holding cotton candy, MOE full. Fu Yuanhui was put in the amusement park photos on the Internet, many netizens shouted but he was not at the scene, and a message saying "I don’t go". There are sharp eyed netizens noticed that Fu Yuanhui has joked that she has "makeup, idol burden". Good near Qin Kai Hezi hurry home "licensing" to say the Rio Olympic Games for sports fans impressed me the most romantic moment ", nature is the Qin Kai in the diving competition to marry a hezi. After the Olympics, qinkai and Hezi generously in the social network to show affection, "murder" of a large number of single users. Qin Kai in the personal social network drying out of his own and on his return flight on the self timer, concurrent text said: after a long time, finally returned to the embrace of the motherland! That, ask you, when the Civil Affairs Bureau to open the door? Are you going with me?" He then forwarded the micro-blog, and said: "who do you want to go with you?" It looks like two people are good. In addition to Qin Kai, the Rio Olympic Games table tennis men’s team final, Xu Xin and his girlfriend Yao Yan kiss also let fans shouted, after the Olympic Games, the table tennis lovers will also receive. The Olympic Games, Wu Minxia, Yi Siling et al in the generous show affair, there are rumors that the table tennis player Li Xiaoxia is likely to get married after the Olympic Games and their "mystery man" licensing, but there is not many people know who is Li Xiaoxia’s boyfriend. Learning Zhang Jike find Huang Yongyu coach many Olympic athletes from Rio back home in preparation for their respective universities in September after the start of the study life, learning different skills and knowledge in their own engaged in projects, apparently practice athletes over the years. But this table tennis Grand Slam Zhang science content is very tall – he visited the Chinese painting master Mr. Huang Yongyu. "It’s a great honor to have a chance to visit Mr. Huang Yongyu," Mr. Zhang Jike wrote on his social networking site. Feel the artist’s passion and sincerity to show the world相关的主题文章: