After the National Day in October to see what movies A pile of Hollywood blockbuster doat

After the National Day in October to see what movies? A Hollywood blockbuster hit Information Times reported in October 7th "eleven" National Day holiday is coming to an end, even after a few days of "the Mekong River action" box office counter attack such as "grand track", "passing from your world", but is still far not changed in this year’s National Day stall at the box office over the same period last year is lagging behind in fact. From October 1st to October 5th, the city’s total box office over the same period last year 5 days more than $1 billion 365 million, while only 1 billion 200 million yuan this year, just over $5. Judging from the current data, this year’s National Day holiday 7 days at the box office is estimated to be about $300 million less than the same period last year. After the long holiday, the rest of the day in October what movies can see? From one point of view, there are many Hollywood blockbusters waiting to debut, although some films have been previously on the market in the United States suffered at the box office or the reputation of Waterloo, but fortunately there are Tom · Cruise’s "man:" never look back on Jack, and Tom · Hanks’s "Dante" two password US simultaneous release of the film that is not always a masterpiece, but at least there is the expected value. At the same time, such as "black", "what is" no donkey water star but previously point mapping field good reputation of domestic scrap are coming soon, as Sean Lau and Nicholas Tse and other stars starred in the blockbuster "broken", after the shift will also be released on the 21 of this month. Foreign language film version of "Binnn" in the North American response to "Binnn" poor mapping period: October 10th: * * * recommended index evaluation: Angelina · took many years ago; starring Julie "wanted" Russian director Timur · Backman Betov took a new version of the "guest" virtual this year, 1959 by Charles Gordon · Heston starred the version has become a classic. Now to find Timo Jack · Houston, Morgan · Freeman et al. And in action and show the natural scenes better than a few decades ago, but the film quality may not be comparable to. The film is about $100 million, in the United States in August 19th after the release of only $26 million 380 thousand at the box office. At present, IMDB nearly 9400 netizens to the film’s score was 5.7 points, the 33 media Metacritic to the comprehensive assessment of 38 points, 42 points to "indieWIRE", "Binnn" to ridicule the story well, shooting a "vampire hunter" this movie director Teemo Lincoln didn’t have a way to make it completely rotten." "The guardian" for 60 minutes, said Teemo increased and some new elements for the film actually points. A "giant" reflection period: October 14th: * * * recommended index evaluation: the movie orphan Sophie was high and the same building giant found the special kind of giant collection of good dreams will Sophie back to the giants, but the giants are worldMost giant man eating giant bad. In the face of the crisis, Sophie and the good eye giant gradually developed into a deep friendship. Stephen · the children’s fantasy adventure film directed by Spielberg, plus the fact that he had just won the Olympics with the bridge of spies.相关的主题文章: