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80 after the guy with mobile phone had traveled to Israel to inspect farmland management Sohu news Xing Yilong sitting at home with the guests to drink tea and chat, just a mobile phone, the orchard can manage hundreds of acres and acres of this, have you heard of it? The people who brought this technology to the Leizhou Peninsula, called Xing Yi long. He is 28 years old this year, graduated from South China Agricultural University in 2011, 2013, he was the introduction of foreign technology, the "intelligent farmland management system is built in Xuwen planting base, farmland irrigation and fertilization to achieve full automation, can also be through the real-time monitoring of soil moisture and temperature of mobile phone, remote commands to open the pump valve for irrigation. The figure / Guangzhou Daily reporter Guan Jiayu correspondent Pan Guiqing, Li Meiying returned to hometown of agricultural innovation Xing Yilong is a native of Guangdong Xuwen, dark skin, tall and strong. In 2008, he was still a freshman in Guangzhou, he was invited to visit israel. Xing Yilong told reporters that in Israel, people in Gobi, the desert bananas, vegetables and other fruit species, and even with salt water to irrigate, and high yield, exported to Europe and the United states. Back home, he went to an Israeli agricultural enterprises in China for 1 years internship. These experiences, let him come into contact with the world’s most advanced agricultural science and technology, but also a firm he returned to hometown of agricultural innovation and determination. In 2011, Xing Yilong graduated from the South China Agricultural University and returned to the founding fathers of Guangdong Fumin agricultural development limited company as the base administrator, dedication agricultural technology and management base in Nanning. In 2012, at the suggestion of Xing Yilong, the company decided to start the self innovation, is the direction of development from the traditional extensive enterprise to modern intensive enterprise, the fine way and modern management technology. Under the instruction of the mobile phone can be irrigated farmland in 2013, the company through the introduction of foreign equipment and technology, in Xuwen base built intelligent farm management system". When running, buried in the field soil sensor soil depths of 30 cm will include the soil and air temperature and humidity, collected the tensiometer, soil moisture, and light, wind, etc., the valve switch data transmitted through the wireless network to the database, which is converted into a digital signal to determine whether the lack of water, if the water shortage is to pump valve command, automatic irrigation. At the same time, the signal is sent to the headquarters of the company computer, through the development of a custom APP control software and the system is connected and installed to your mobile phone, computer and mobile phone through the relevant data that can check the equipment to collect, and the computer and mobile phone into a control terminal, issued instructions can open the pump valve irrigation at any time via computer or mobile phone remote. In Xing Yilong’s proposal, the company also hired graduate students and invest 2 million yuan to establish a laboratory for soil testing, so that precision fertilization. Xing Yilong said, hoping to lead their team in the future to help more farmers or agricultural companies to achieve the dream of producing high-quality healthy fruit.相关的主题文章: