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About iPhone 8, we now know that these [Tencent] next year will be the 10 anniversary of the launch of iPhone, the new iPhone is expected to have a substantial upgrade. The Week site inventory of the new iPhone may change next year. The following is the full text: Apple iPhone 7 sold only two months time, but Apple fans have started to pay attention to next year’s new iPhone. In accordance with past practice, the new model of the phone will be iPhone 7s. However, if the rumor is accurate, in 2017 the new iPhone will be very different, because this will be the 10 anniversary of the sale of iPhone. IPhone is Apple’s most profitable products, bringing a huge profit margin. On the basis of the current iPhone 7 launched iPhone will not bring too much surprise to fans, and fans want to see the anniversary of the 7S version of the special iPhone. The following is the new iPhone 7 may change next year: the release time is expected to release the new iPhone or September, that is, the traditional time Apple launched a new phone. But PC Advisor website believes that as the 10 anniversary edition iPhone, apple is likely to break the practice of publishing time. Since the market since 2007 completely redesigned iPhone, after a number of new design, but the front of each product are similar: a larger frame at the top and bottom of the bottom of the screen, integrated Home button. The current rumors suggest that Apple may be using the new design language next year, the new iPhone will no longer be possible to frame, will be a positive frameless screen, Home button, front camera and speaker will be integrated on the screen, or is buried in the bottom of the screen. The latest rumors from the famous apple analyst Guo Mingji. He said that frameless iPhone does not look like a piece of glass, Apple will be supplemented with aluminum or stainless steel frame. The main material of this phone will be glass, rather than aluminum material since iPhone 5. Curved glass in June this year, the "Wall Street journal" reported that the new iPhone may use the arc glass. The industry believes that Apple has developed such a design for some time. MacRumors website reports, which may mean that the next iPhone will use curved screen, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7. No longer use the LCD panel next generation iPhone will no longer use the traditional LCD panel, instead of a flexible OLED panel. This will make the phone thinner, lower power consumption, thereby contributing to battery life. OLED’s color performance is closer to reality, while providing a better contrast. Wireless charging PC Advisor said that Apple has fallen behind in the trend of wireless charging. Commentators believe that next year will be integrated iPhone wireless charging function. IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cancellation of the 3.5 mm headphone interface approach is the first step in this direction. According to TechR.相关的主题文章: