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Aaron Kwok William Feng Xiao Shenyang Him Law   "daughter of the country" starring Qi – Shenzhen Channel – people.com.cn original title: "three strikes" four assembled together with Chuang of love "daughter country" in August, the movie "journey to the West:" daughter of the country published "monk" William Feng and the "pig" Xiao Shenyang the first to join. But "who is Sun Wukong" has been a mystery, the film side yesterday announced that the most beautiful Monkey King Aaron Kwok will once again challenge the "Sun Wukong corner", in National Day just married Him Law will once again turned blue shaceng". "Three version" of the classic four regrouped, will work together towards the west road is the most difficult to break the "daughter of the country". "Journey to the West:" daughter of the country is produced by magical journey series filmko movie third, still from the first two episodes directed by Zheng Baorui, and is scheduled to be released nationwide in 2018 Lunar New Year’s day. The film side official confirmed that the film has entered the final stage of preparation before start, starring will complete the makeup work recently. From "naotiangong" to "three version", Aaron Kwok on the journey to the West has a certain role to grasp the heart, and other studies have been devoted to the script, and then present a different Sun Wukong. The film side also said, "daughter of the country" will begin shooting in December, the film’s production team will also use the "three version" of the team, there is also the world’s top team and the team to join the special effects. It is understood that the total investment in the "daughter" of up to 500 million yuan. In order to restore the true daughter of country style, the film will be shot in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Taiwan Province, more than 4 scenic spots. Hollywood film at the Wuxi national digital film industry base building covers an area of over 65 acres of location and 11 built-in view studio. In order to create both the beauty and the beauty of the most beautiful daughter of the country, the film also recruited over thousands of actresses in the world, a move that makes the "daughter of the country" has become a "global most movie actress". (commissioning editor Chen Yuzhu and Wang Xing) 郭富城冯绍峰小沈阳罗仲谦 《女儿国》主演齐了–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:《三打白骨精》师徒四人集结 携手共闯情关《女儿国》   8月,电影《西游记:女儿国》已公布“唐僧”冯绍峰和“猪八戒”小沈阳率先加盟。但“谁是孙悟空”一直成谜,昨天片方正式公告,最美美猴王郭富城将再度挑战“孙悟空”一角,而于国庆节刚刚大婚的罗仲谦也将再度变身“蓝沙僧”。《三打白骨精》中的经典师徒四人重新集结,将携手共闯西游路上最难闯的情关“女儿国”。   《西游记:女儿国》是由星皓出品的魔幻西游系列电影第三部,依然由前两集导演郑保瑞执导,并定于2018年大年初一全国上映。片方负责人确认,目前电影已经进入开机前的最后准备阶段,主演们将在近日完成定妆工作。从《大闹天宫》到《三打白骨精》,郭富城对掌握西游记的角色已有一定心法,现已全力投入造型和剧本的研究,希望再呈现一个不一样的孙悟空。   片方还透露,《女儿国》将在12月开拍,影片的制作团队也将沿用《三打白骨精》的班底,另外更有世界顶级的特效团队和摄制团队加盟。据了解,《女儿国》的总投资将高达5亿人民币。为了真实还原女儿国的风貌,影片将会在江苏、浙江、四川、台湾4省多处风景秀丽的景区取景拍摄。影片在无锡华莱坞国家数字电影产业基地搭建占地超过65亩的外景拍摄场地和11个内置景摄影棚。为了打造兼具美景和美女的“最美女儿国”,影片也在全球范围内招募了超千名美女演员,这一举动使得《女儿国》一跃成为“全球最多女演员的电影”。 (责编:陈育柱、王星)相关的主题文章: