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A good society is like a good house   listen to Fei Xiaotong’s reinterpretation of what to study, people.com.cn was originally titled "good society": good society is like a good house, listening to Fei Xiaotong’s reinterpretation of what is "good society" "explore a good society: Fei Xiaotong said local China" Zhang Guansheng Guangxi Normal University press October 2016   Fei Xiaotong said everyone; his life, only wrote two articles, a "rural", a "national". In the era of big hearts writing continued to nothing but a scholar, in the outside world changes and historical turmoil, the ultimate quest is to explore how society can be better. The day before the Guangxi Normal University Press published "explore the ideal of a good society: Fei Xiaotong said the local Chinese", first published in the book of Fei Xiaotong "to" good society "thinking" of the manuscript, this is Fei Xiaotong’s life experience to explore the concentration, is also the first "China scholars reinterpretation of good society issues to speak to the world system, interpretation of the United States and its beauty, beauty, United States and the United States, the world Datong" thought. Fei Xiaotong young fame, in young precocious, enlightenment. The early will direct the life end point One principle runs through it all.. The yellow book turning gently in the years, take us back to the line of heavy line of fieldwork site, appreciate the tragedy of War: Dayaoshan moment, kindness and discrete mentorship, sincere reflection in the oldest old…… In the era of big hearts writing continued to nothing but a scholar, in the outside world changes, the ultimate concern is to explore and thinking of the good society, and is the realistic way of modern vernacular Chinese the way. Village survey in 1936, Fei Xiaotong’s life is to explore the "starting point China", his "river village economy" a book about the "whole life" Chinese rural community to the world, explore the profound change of the traditional culture in the West under the influence, has become a model for the localization of Chinese. The change of the village can be used as the epitome of the change of the local China in the past eighty years. Thousands of years of farming civilization to develop local China, want from farming, conservative and closed, the traditional form of conversion to the industry and commerce, enterprising, open and modern rule of law track, how difficult? Fei Xiaotong’s life writing, is a special heritage, if the determination of a general topic, "the modern way out of China and the reality of the road" can be used as the first choice of agricultural culture and industrial culture how to replace? In the face of damage to the local community, the local can rebuild it? How to avoid the city of western countries experienced social turmoil, rural prosperity, farmers displaced by the price? Author Zhang Guansheng Fei Xiaotong was an assistant, he wrote "the quest for a good society: Fei Xiaotong said that" the book China local leisure books of the mind, a weight fee, and our ideas, not only play a "true temperament, book words, true knowledge of the true story of" free spirit, is also showing return to the historical scene of Qinwen, experience, see the unique charm. A section of the dusty book, reproduce Fei Xiaotong’s turbulent life memory, also outline the Chinese intellectuals 100 years of history. Information Times reporter Chen Chuan masters comments like building a house, Xiaotong (fee) is concerned, from the living need)相关的主题文章: