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A gasoline invoice leads to corruption case of the Hanlin Academy " " muddy water – Beijing, Zhejiang online news October 9th (Zhejiang daily Lv Yue) in people’s minds, every day with clean sanitation system dealing with corruption seems to not touch. But a new invoice, has exposed the Jiaojiang District of Taizhou city sanitation system corruption case. Recently, Jiaojiang court ruled that Jiaojiang district sanitation department director Li Weimin took advantage of his position, repeatedly accepting other people’s property totaling 140 thousand yuan, constitute the crime of bribery; and the crime of corruption, crime of dividing the state-owned assets such as punishment, sentenced to 4 years and 6 months, fined 470 thousand yuan. Local Discipline Inspection Commission staff told reporters to disclose the details behind the case. A new invoice at the beginning of 2015, Jiaojiang District Commission for Discipline Inspection received the masses of the people responsible for the sanitation department Li Weimin corruption report, but the District Commission for Discipline Inspection Group after several rounds of Paimo, but can not obtain substantial clues to the masses of the problem. Is another reason? While investigators have nothing, a new invoice attracted their attention. The investigators found that only during the Spring Festival in 2015, the District Environmental Sanitation Department gasoline costs amounted to 800 thousand yuan, and the unit still exists in the car fuel card management confusion and other issues. Along this line, the investigation group soon found that the units of the huge gas costs are in part by Li Weimin for car refueling, in part by Li Weimin for personal gifts. This invoice, Li Weimin opened a serious breach of discipline case. In 2013, Li Weimin bought a Subaru SUV, he let subordinates to do a pair of fuel card card, hanging below the main card unit, to fill up their own private car, the vice cards in just 1 and a half years spent more than 20 thousand yuan. In addition, Li Weimin also use the unit’s fuel card to recharge their name under the name of the fuel card, charge more than fear of causing other people’s attention, he simply use the name of others to do their own refueling card. In order to be more satisfied with the fuel card, "Li Weimin will drive your own car to check the road health situation". He felt that, although was driving his car, but with public public oil dry matter, should not be a big problem what. After that, he has been using this reason to comfort themselves. No cash "logic" with the public oil is just the tip of the iceberg. Since 2013, Li Weimin in the procurement of sanitation vehicles, landfill deodorization business contract, sanitation base project contract for many times to seek benefits for others and receive benefits. It is interesting that every time the benefits received, Li Weimin refused to accept cash, gift gift cards only. He later said, no cash in his view is not bribery, and received gifts gift cards can be explained as "reciprocity". In the first half of 2014, a washing machine company salesman Liang successfully sold a set of cleaning equipment to Jiaojiang district sanitation department. In order to thank Li Weimin’s care, he went to his office to want to use 20 thousand yuan in cash to express gratitude, but was rejected on the spot: as long as you ask about it, I do not accept cash." Liang feel their overtones in conversation.相关的主题文章: