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Business It is quite surprising to notice the rapidly rising number of applicants for a Hotel Management Institute when .pared to other educational institutions. Hotel Management is the newest craze for students all over the world. It is an industry which offers wide ranging jobs which are not only glamorous and well paying but also provides a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the work as well. Gone are the days when people stuck to conventional career options like teaching, engineering or treating patients. Nowadays, people have just one ambition in mind to make life and living large and worthwhile. And when that is what one aims at, nothing can be more rewarding than a future in the hotel management industry which gives you a chance to work, learn, develop, enjoy and enrich yourself every moment. For those who still have doubts regarding the prospects of this career, certain statistical data might prove helpful. Hotel Management is not just one of the fastest growing industries but is one of the steadiest ones too. The tourism and hospitality sector is facing a boom like never before and as economists have predicted, it might just emerge to be the most profitable business venture within a span of five years. The requirement for skilled employees shall stand at a number which is as high as 3.5 million. Alongside, the future of the Indian hotel and hospitality sector is especially bright with a planned investment of Rs. 43,300 Crores by international hotel chains. Career prospects in the hotel management industry are widely branched out. It ranges from corporate positions in hotel .panies to managerial positions in holiday and sport clubs. Be it marine or airline .panies or even the ministry of tourism, be it an amusement park, casino or an event management .pany a degree in hotel management can secure one a job anywhere. .pared to other big shot professions like Medical, Engineering, IT or .merce, the time taken and the expense required for .pleting the course is much less. However, the gross salary for a fresher in each field is almost the same. Be its international acceptance of the degree, opportunities for traveling to various places and meeting new people or even settling abroad, the Hotel management discipline scores way higher than the rest. Growth opportunities and job satisfaction .e best to female employees who can .bine their housekeeping skills and patience of mind to achieve success. A good hotel management institute offers degrees and diplomas in food technology principles, domestic and international hospitality administration, and even management degrees in tourism and catering. Notwithstanding the increasing number of such institutes sprouting all over the place, it is extremely important to choose the institution only after a detailed analysis and .parison. It is best to look up websites which offer lists of top graded hotel management institutions to procure a holistic view of the situation. The course fee for such professional courses is not very less and therefore one needs to ensure that ones money and ones own career are in safe hands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: