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Guangdong found a case of H9N2   the risk of transmission of low – people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: Guangdong found a lower risk of spreading H9N2 cases are sporadic cases, spread with a lower risk of   in August 25th, Guangdong province was monitored in 1 H9N2 cases. The female patient was 29 years old, now living in Zhongshan city. At present, the patient’s condition improved, in the designated hospital in Guangzhou. Prevention and control experts believe that the H9N2 virus is a subtype of influenza virus, the virus is the source of poultry, poultry flu is more common in people, is a low pathogenic virus. This case is a case of H9N2 infection, and the risk of virus transmission is low. Experts advise: the public should continue to be vigilant, do preventive measures. To wash their hands, especially after any contact, wash your hands before meals and after; poultry and eggs should be cooked before eating; if there is fever, cough, headache, malaise and other symptoms of respiratory tract, as soon as possible to the nearest medical health clinic. If before contact with birds, should take the initiative to tell the doctor. In addition, the experts reminded the public, do not eat dead poultry; don’t buy birds of unknown origin products; avoid as much as possible to live poultry market. (reporter Feng Xixi, correspondent Yue Weixin) (Gao Yinan, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: