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A brother’s first talk about James Zongjue G7 blocks: if not JR I will think of the anti sticking dunk brother JR on he played an important role in the sina sports news Beijing time on October 28th, according to U.S. media reports, Lebron – James in the seventh finals to Andre Iguodala of the cover on the knight to win a decisive role. After a lapse of more than four months later, Iguodala first response to the block". Although he praised the defense of James, but one also pointed out that if there is no JR personal defense, he will choose the dunk in the fast break layup, rather than. This summer, Iguodala countless times to hear the outside world to talk about James in the finals in seventh games against his body cap, but he has not publicly responded. In an interview, talked about his brother finally thought of the key blocks. Please believe me, I’ve been hearing about the block." He said. So, looking back at the block, did Iguodala regret his offensive style? Or, in his layup ever hesitate? "If the JR is not in my side defense, I will dunk." Iguodala said, "but I respect him (James). When he finished the block, I thought the others would have a chance. People have been playing with the ball and I’m still talking about the block." "I think it’s funny. Someone else has done a pretty good job. What do you want me to do? If you enjoy the game, you should think, ‘that guy has done a great defense.’" Although Iguodala praised the cap James, but when the Defense Review turn, brother that attached to the anti JR he played an important role. "I look back at the cap, in fact, I could choose to dunk." A brother said, "do you know who has played a role? JR played a role. Because when I got the ball is going to dunk, but when I try to take off after JR interference, so I had to move the position of the ball. If you look at my basket, in order to avoid the JR, I put the ball to my right. I tried to throw the ball in." In fact, James later spoke of the blocks also said that when he returned to chase to the block, he was constantly recite: "JR, don’t foul (to Iguodala)!" "People don’t realize that he (James) played a great defense." A brother said, "I was even thought on the other side of the basket layup, but Lebron’s elevation is very high, so no matter where I am one layup, he could cover up. I mean, if someone else has done a pretty good defense, then you should pay tribute to him." Rosen ( ); statement: Sina exclusive articles, please indicate the source of the reprint.相关的主题文章: