999 cold medicine family warm heart meet, colorful health run FuZhou Railway Station-chompoo araya

999 cold medicine family warm heart to colorful run "FuZhou Railway Station of Fujian TV Comprehensive Channel 999 to join the cold medicine family held a" warm heart meet, colorful run "the first station in FuZhou Railway Station on the 11.06 day the perfect ending. Autumn and winter, the size of a friend to the campaign warm warm". Below, follow Xiaobian to see the pomp of the event * "warm heart meet, colorful run" FuZhou Railway Station *12:15-14:00, "warm heart meet, colorful run event size figure usher in a large number of friends. Large and small runners with colored pen to sign the signature wall full of people. (remember where your name is written) 14:30, "colorful health run" activities start, the runners are set, the group started. (the atmosphere exciting) "colorful run" in the process of running, researchers have to go through a series of hurdles, if you think it is easy to…… Too young too simple below the play you must not seen! A large bubble machine gun war virus war after the hurdles test of a large number of players to the Olympic Sports Center "incoming" return the venue 999 surprise party let you relax after the sweat handprint wall can leave memories of good news is colorful! I always pay attention to the 999 cold medicine family warm heart to colorful run "friends have guessed 999 cold medicine family warm heart to colorful run" the Quan Zhou Railway Station and XiaMen Railway Station is about to start running!!! November 13th Quanzhou city channel Sports Center in Xiamen city in November 26th at Haicang sports center run continued enrollment in the hot > > quickly scan two-dimensional code above the poster up small at the next station waiting for you in Quanzhou (Note: This article belongs to Tencent.com publish business information, this chapter does not represent our views for reference only)相关的主题文章: