9-11 night game summary Barcelona win Manchester derby upset negative (video)-actv

9-11 night game summary: Manchester City win the Derby [] Barcelona Barcelona upset negative news broke can be promoted Tiewei home court 1-2 the main Manchester City (data) 2-1 Manchester United de Blau Hei shot Jiangong Tencent in September 10th sports news Beijing time on the night of September 10th, the 2016-17 Premier League season, the fourth round in the Manchester derby, Manchester United at Old Trafford in 1 than 2 lost to Manchester city. Fifteenth minutes, Isi Nacho header ferry, de Blau Hei broke the deadlock. Thirty-sixth minutes, de Blau Hei shot in the column, Izzy nocchio broke the tip. Forty-second minutes, Ibrahimovic pulled a points. The premier of Liverpool (data) 4-1 Leicester Liverpool sports Tencent September 11th victory over the defending champions Beijing time September 11th morning, 2016-17 Premier League season, the fourth round, Liverpool at Anfield in 4 to 1 victory over Leicester City, ushered in the first victory at Anfield after the expansion. Phil Mino scored two of the money and lalana to build a power, the city of Leicester by a draw valdivia. Arsenal (data) 2-1 Southampton wonderful situation sports Tencent kesiqieerni September 10th news Beijing time on the night of September 10th, the fourth round 2016-17 Premier League season, Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium 2 – 1 win over Southampton. Sixteenth minutes, Cech sent oolong. Twenty-ninth minutes, Koscielny barb tie. Ninety-fourth minutes, Cazorla penalty reversal. Tottenham 4-0 Storck City Tottenham victory over Storck City Sports Tencent September 11th Beijing time in late September 10th 22 (UK local time at 15 pm on September 10th), the 2016-17 Premier League season, the fourth round, Tottenham Hotspur at the Bet365 stadium 4 to 0 victory over Storck city. Sun Xingmin may open two degrees, Ali and Kaine each build a merit. Real Madrid (data) 5-2 aosasuna C Ronaldo scored Real Madrid victory over Tencent sports news September 10th 22:00 tonight, Spain in the third round, Real Madrid home court 5-2 victory over Osasuna made cross season 15 wins, flat record in team history. C Ronaldo play lightning goal, Danilo, Ramos, Pepe and Modric followed each into a ball, casiglia saved a penalty, Riera and David – Garcia Aoliaier for the visiting team even after two goals, Tano was sent off. Basa (Spanish website data) 1-2 ala Weiss Basa lost the September 11th sports Tencent home court hearing today morning, Spain in the third round, Basa home court negative 1-2 Alves, for the first time in 6 years. The newly promoted home court. Davies opened the scoring, Neymar assists Mathieu once the equaliser, Gomes steals the break to help seal the victory, Messi Suarez came off the bench to the savior. The Bundesliga Dortmund 0-1 Leipzig Dortmund improbable lost Tencent sports September 11th Beijing time September 11th morning, 2016-17 league season second round, Dortmund away 0 1 lost to Leipzig Red Bull. Eighty-ninth minutes, Keita winning lore. Serie A Juventus (website data) 3-1 SA Thoreau Gonzalo Higuain sports Tencent jointly run on his break.相关的主题文章: