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81% traffic accidents can be avoided with you to understand the general V2X technology – Sohu automobile Sohu [distance headlamp] even if you have the luxury car equipped with numerous superhuman powers, black technology, facing the increasingly congested roads also helpless. If the car and the car can be like the same person? "Hey, buddy, I’m in your blind spot!" "Sorry, I broke down in front, behind the friends around a road." this is the GM V2X technology concept, it can not only realize the communication between the car and the car, can communicate with all traffic participants intelligent, so as to improve traffic safety. What is the magic of V2X? Through this beam Jun to answer your questions. Wanglian Automotive Technology (V2X) includes three forms, namely vehicle and vehicle communication (Vehicle to Vehicle, referred to as V2V), communication facilities and vehicle based (Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication, referred to as V2I) and vehicle and pedestrian communications (Vehicle to Pedestrian, referred to as V2P), by car, people and road infrastructure information exchange and sharing vehicles with perception, in the complex environment of intelligent decision and cooperative control etc.. This technology is one of the solutions for GM to improve road safety, reduce traffic congestion and reduce environmental pollution, and the future is the necessary technology to achieve automatic driving function. When we joke, we often say that we are not on the same channel can not chat together, do not know the communication between vehicles need to be built on the same channel. At present, keywordselectronicdedicatedshortrangecommunication GM work related organizations have set for wanglian Automotive Technology in the United States and Europe’s (DSRC) standard, in which the United States will 5.9GHz as the communication channel for V2X technology. Vehicles equipped with V2X equipment can receive signals from other vehicles or devices within a radius of 300 meters, and realize the communication and mutual positioning between them. At present, general motors and Changan automotive and Tsinghua University jointly promote Chinese wanglian automotive technology standard, is expected at the end of this year, the state will release the corresponding standard. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) official data show that the vehicle and vehicle communication technology (V2V) can predict the impending traffic accident and a real-time warning of potential danger, its wide application can help avoid up to 81% light collision accidents. According to the society of automotive engineering China (SA-China) studies show that the wide application of intelligent network of automotive technology can make the ordinary road traffic efficiency above 30%. At present, the sensor is mainly divided into two categories, one is the autonomous sensors, including laser radar, millimeter wave radar, cameras, ultrasound, etc., and the other kind of sensor is the communication sensor. Independent sensor is equivalent to the human eye, he can see what the outside world looks like, through the brain analysis, to determine what it is. The communication sensor is equivalent to the mouth, such as the car to turn the corner, it will take the initiative to sue.相关的主题文章: