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.puters-and-Technology At present there are a host of languages which can be used for building a nice and robust website. When planning to build a website one is spoilt for choices which at times can be confusing too. Which one to use and which one not to use? All languages have their own inherent strengths and weaknesses. If you have a clear idea as to what application you want to build and what your needs are you can choose effectively? Still having said all this there is one language which can fairly meet all your expectations and you can use it without spending much time in doing a cost-benefit analysis. That language is Python. I have listed below the reasons why I think Python is so good. At Mindfire we have been working in Python for more than 5 years and based on our experience and dealing with clients I can safely say that Python is the one for you. The offshore Python development team at Mindfire is one of the best in the country. The strengths it has are: Object-Oriented Programming Every structure in Python is designed to be OO just like it is in Smalltalk. So you dont have to do it yourself. OO features like Inheritance and Polymorphism are already implement in Python. Fast to Learn Since the source code resembles pseudo code, it s very easy to learn Python. This is a big advantage if you are building the website on your own or setting up a team to build a website for you. Fast to Code With its host of features coding in Python is .paratively easier and faster than other languages. Readability Pythons syntax is clear and readable and since it imposes some order for programming, the code turns out properly indented and easy to read. The code is nice and clear, which makes it very easy to read and maintain. Easy to get support Since the Python .munity is large and active it is very easy to get support whenever you are stuck in any issue. The .munity is very co-operative and helpful. Reusability The Standard Python library, which is part of Python development IndiaPython development India, has a lot of pre developed modules. One can break a program into modules and reuse the ones already developed. This saves time and effort, which in turn helps make website live date earlier. Portability Since it is written in portable ANSI C, it is not attached to any specific operational system. This makes it easy to deploy it in different systems thus increasing the portability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: