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Home-Improvement Oh no! The basements flooded again and (gasp) Grandmas staying in the guest room! And she cant swim! Okay, that scenario may be a little extreme, but that doesnt mean it couldnt happen. The truth is leaky basements are quite common, though there are potential steps you could take to prevent such an occurrence. Before dishing out the dollars to a contractor, do a little investigating of your own. What is it? A leaky basement can arise from any number of things, which is why you may want to investigate a little bit before calling in the pros. Leaks can arise from HVAC systems, ventilation systems, condensation from pipes, sump pumps, and of course, seepage from walls, ceilings, and foundations. However, it is estimated that over 90% of all basement leaks stem from the joint where the wall and floor meet. The primary method of keeping basements waterproof is to apply waterproofing coating to the problem areas. Especially in cases where only minor seepage occurs, waterproofing paint and other similar interior compounds may do the trick. Once applied, they are supposed to penetrate several inches into the concrete, sealing up capillaries and cracks by forming crystals when water is present. And you know something magical is happening when crystals are involved. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether the leak is caused from seeping into the foundation or if its due from condensation on the walls. A quick and easy way to make sure is to duct tape a piece of tin foil to the area presumed to be leaking (dry up any residue water that may be there first). After taping all sides of the tin foil, leave it in place for 24 hours before examining it. If the side of the foil that was against the wall is wet, then the water is leaking in from the outside. If the other side is wet, the problem is condensation. In cases of condensation, a possible solution could be to buy a dehumidifier and let it run continuously in the basement to remove water from the air. Who needs it? Go downstairs. Is your basement flooding? If so, then you probably need to consider waterproofing. I mean, God forbid you let all of your scrapbooks get ruined because you were too lazy to check for leaks in your basement. Just be aware, leaks can happen in any kind of basement, whether it be concrete foundation, stone, block, or tile walls. Benefits The benefits are pretty self-explanatory. Its fairly safe to assume that nobody wants their stuff to get all wet. Besides doing damage to personal items stored in the basement (trophies, high school yearbooks, issues of Time magazine from 1991), continued water leakage can also devalue your home, as well as ruin your foundation over time. Therefore, if you have any issues with water damage, dont hesitate to do something about it. In some cases, the problem can be fixed quite easily and may not require any professional assistance. For instance, puddles can form more easily near the soil against basement walls if you have clogged gutters or dense shrubbery surrounding the outside of the basement walls. Therefore, the solution could be as easy as cleaning out the gutters (or getting your kids to), buying a splash block to carry water away from the house, or trimming a particular bush so that the soil against the house can get more sunlight and absorb water more easily. However, the do-it-yourself method can be a long-lasting process of trial-and-error, and can therefore, prove to be tedious and frustrating. If there is serious water damage going on in your basement then you should, without question, contact a basement contractor of some kind to assess the damage. In the case of Basement Systems (, they will send a certified expert to your house who will give you a free wet basement inspection and estimate. THE BOTTOM LINE Waterproofing your basement is definitely a precaution that homeowners should take seriously. Its best to regularly check your basement for any leaks or condensation. In cases where the seepage is minimal, it may be in your best interest to save money by doing a little detective work yourself (albeit, really lame detective work involving puddles). However, if home remedies arent working and the problem persists, or if your entire basement is flooded, let the waterproofing professionals take charge. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: