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Home-Improvement Many homeowners choose light colored carpets for their price, their clean look, and their versatility with furniture and dcor styles. Many people say they never want a light-colored carpet because of the amount of work involved in keeping it clean. But the same is often true of black or dark brown. Cleaning a white carpet may prove easier than a darker one because you can use any number of oxidizing and stain-removing products to lighten the stain’s color. Using similar products on dark carpet may cause it to discolor or lighten, giving rise to obvious patches. Keeping your carpet clean, fresh, and true to its original color usually takes work. With light carpets, homeowners often need to go the extra mile. Lighter colored carpets can experience what is called "ghosting," a form of discoloration that occurs around the perimeters of carpets, and can make them look older and worn.Stains on light carpet are particularly noticeable. With light carpets, the "now or never" philosophy is typically the best one. If you’re out of stain remover, simply mix cup vinegar with 1 cup water and let the solution sit on the stain for a little while before blotting dry. Ghosting can happen from a variety of sources: * Smoke (tobacco, candles, fireplaces) * Interior dust (from household or construction projects) * Exterior dust (from roads, automotive exhaust, etc.) * Pollution Unlike other carpet stains, this kind of discoloration cannot be cleaned by carpet cleaners and elbow grease. If you experience ghosting in your home, it’s time to call the pros. Professional carpet cleaning services with enzyme-based cleaners can get the job done right. General carpet cleaning rules apply no matter the color: Blot stains immediately, don’t rub them in and always give them time to dry before using a vacuum. There are certain products, however, that should never be used on colored carpets; bleach is a good example. Most home cleaning products and steam cleaning agents will advise you to spot test before doing any major work. Pick a corner or out of the way spot, and use a small amount of your intended cleaner. If the color changes and doesn’t revert after the product is fully dried, stay away. With some work and know-how, you may not have to turn to a professional carpet cleaning service to keep your light colored carpets looking great. There’s no clear winner here on color. White carpets show their stains more easily, and dark carpets are susceptible to changes in color if a harsh cleaner is used. In both cases, use care and caution when cleaning to keep your carpet looking its best. For more helpful ideas, check out our main page here: Auckland carpet cleaning 相关的主题文章: