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Estate-Plan-Trusts Infrastructure asset management is certainly a new term for many people. But by just looking at the words alone, it seems to represent something that involves taking care of property. One way of going about understanding what this means is to break up the phrase by looking at the meaning of the individual words. Lets start with Assets. In bookkeeping it is the organization’s capital or something owned with a value or that which produces profit or can be used to fulfill a debt for a .pany. Infrastructure, on the other hand, seems to represent something that has been designed for .munity use or particular usage such as recreational areas, building structures, streets, etc. As for Management, well yes, it is the procedure or strategy to run affairs or tasks. It involves deciding how to use the resources of a firm. So putting these words together, it seems to mean a set of techniques applied to improve the lifestyle of .munities. According to Infrastructure Consulting Projects Africa it includes streets, roads, power and gas supplies. It also includes water and sewage treatment, air and railway networks etc. But rather than merely putting up these amenities, it seems the focus on the servicing and repairs of these public amenities. Asset management on the other hand is targeted at maintenance and increasing the support lifestyle of the amenities that are boosting a local .munity’s total well being and the economy. This is often done, in this modern times using special tools like software. The use and execution of Asset management is not very new though. According to Infrastructure Consulting Projects Middle Eastor Infrastructure Consulting Projects Caribbean it has its origins about twenty eight years back when Dr. Penny Burns first used the term in New Zealand. It was in 1996 when the book New Zealand Infrastructure Asset Management Manual was written. Since then many people all over the world have adopted the term. So why is there a need for this kind of management now? Well, amenities like recreational areas, roads, railways etc. have been around for many decades and cannot cater for the demands of today if left in their current state. That is why there are many professional bodies, certification agencies and firms that are responsible when it .e to managing public amenities, practices or careers that have the public’s interest at heart. This certainly leads to a separating of functions and procedures within the Physical planning system that should be specific to begin with. Every modern .munity depends on a .work of amenities such as streets, railways, water and sewage treatment etc. But these amenities cannot be maintained if there is no one to build it in the first place. But that alone is not enough. There has to be someone that will train the builders, and someone that will ensure the builders are now qualified and ready to build. However, that alone is not enough. There has to be someone to ensure that the builders ensure quality in what they do, otherwise they would cut corners to maximize their profit. That is why infrastructure asset management is very critical. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: